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Decorate your home office with incredible furniture from Chattanooga’s EF Brannon furniture store. We carry a wide array of top-notch brands, and accessories that will help you style a workspace that is perfectly you.


Give Your Home Office an Upgrade with Kincaid

Let’s face it. Even if you don’t work from home, a home office really is a necessity. Having a workspace in your home can be so beneficial. When […]

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Five Ways to Use Swivel Chairs

Let’s talk about swivel chairs. A swivel chair is one of those pieces that can instantly make a room more functional. Even better, that functionality will make it […]

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Furniture to Help You Work from Home in Style

Now more than ever people are finding themselves working from home. If you’re one of those people, and you’re using a makeshift workspace, it’s time to think about […]

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How to Create an Inspiring Home Office

Comfy Furniture For Your Home Office From EF Brannon Chattanooga Working from home comes with some major conveniences. For example, there’s no commute and you can enjoy the […]

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Three Ways to Finally Get Organized in 2021

Space Saving Furniture To Declutter Your Home From EF Brannon Chattanooga Let’s talk organization! After the fun and chaos of the holiday season, we all want to restore […]

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Working from Home? Tips for Staying Sane & Creating a Stylish Space

Set Up Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity While Working Remotely Have you, like many others, found yourself suddenly working remotely? While this is a totally normal reality […]

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