Three Ways to Finally Get Organized in 2021

Space Saving Furniture To Declutter Your Home From EF Brannon Chattanooga

Let’s talk organization! After the fun and chaos of the holiday season, we all want to restore order to our homes. But it can be tricky to figure out where to even begin. What if we told you there are three key ways to make your home more functional and eliminate unnecessary stress from your life? Now that we have your attention let’s take a look at how you can create calm and peace of mind this year with great space saving furniture for an organized home.

Plymouth book case is the perfect space saving furniture piece for any room

Plymouth file cabinet is a perfect space saving furniture for the home office

Bookcase / File Cabinet

Find a Home for Important Papers  

Having a safe place for things such as legal documents, receipts and warranties is a must. Knowing where they are and having easy access to them keeps your home clutter-free and provides peace of mind. 


  • The Plymouth bookcase has roomy shelves and a built-in file drawer. It’s the perfect piece for a home office but stylish enough for the living room. 


  • The coordinating Plymouth file cabinet is another great solution for getting documents organized. Thanks to its size it could double as a nightstand or accent cabinet if you don’t have the space for a home office.

Kitchen showing space saving furniture featuring the Hammary cupboard cabinet

Space saving furniture island piece by Hammary pulls the kitchen together.

Cabinet / Island

Clear Your Kitchen Counters

Are your kitchen surfaces overrun with clutter? It’s so easy for this area to get out of control unless everything in your kitchen has a home. Free up some space in your kitchen and add some style with a coffee bar or a free-standing island.  


  • With shelving, drawers, and even wine storage, the Junction cupboard has all the right elements to get your kitchen in order. Plus, you can use the fun built-in chalkboard to create reminders or jot down your grocery list.


  • Make your kitchen a more organized and functional space with the Shiplap kitchen island. It adds surface area for cooking and provides a place to store all those items on the existing counter surface. What’s not to love?

Dresser by Kincaid is a useful space saving furniture piece for the bedroom.

Space saving furniture door chest for the bedroom.

Lingerie Chest / Door Chest

Tackle Your Bedroom Closet

When clothing is organized and pieces are easy to find it starts your day out on a positive note. If your closet isn’t big enough then try adding a lingerie chest or a modern-day armoire to your bedroom. 


  • The Devon lingerie chest is small but mighty. Built with solid wood and boasting six roomy drawers it’s perfect for storing all those wardrobe pieces that you can’t hang. 


  • If you need more space for pieces like jeans or sweaters then the Wheeler door chest may be what you need. It has seven drawers, two adjustable shelves, and tons of character making it a piece you will love for years. 


We have all these space saving furniture pieces and more to help you create a stylish and functional home. Make 2021 the year you finally get organized and create a home that’s stress-free and


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