Home Decor to Replace in the New Year

Home Interior Decor to Ring In The New Year From EF Brannon Chattanooga

The New Year’s Eve holiday is almost here and it’s probably safe to say everyone’s ready to wave goodbye to 2020. A new year is a fresh start and that means replacing all those items in your home that may be bringing down your style and your mood. Replace these home interior decor pieces now to start the New Year off with positive vibes and a beautiful home. 

Home interior chariside table by Hammary adds new look for the near year.


Anything that’s broken. Do you have a table with a broken leg or a water stain you just can’t get rid of? It’s time to let it go. The frustration of dealing with it is not worth it and that’s not the kind of energy you need to bring into the new year. Make that space functional and stylish with a fun new accent table.

Home interior upholstery from Best Home Furnishings will add that extra touch to your home for the near year.

Best Home Furnishings

Stained upholstery. Stop flipping that cushion over to hide the stain and just replace it. Stains can be an unfortunate reality when you actually live on your furniture and we believe you should be able to. So replace it with a sofa or chair in a performance fabric like  Opti Clean and go into the new year using your furniture without fear.

Mahala Wood Wall Panel by Uttermost is the perfect home interior decor piece for your home.


Outdated artwork. There’s a difference between old and outdated. An original painting will always be in style but trends, when overdone, can make a space look dated. Replace some of those trends that you have too many of with something a little different. After all, there’s no better time to get outside your comfort zone than the start of a new year. 



Faux greenery. If you have some greenery hanging around that’s seen better days it’s probably time to say goodbye. You could always replace them with real plants or fresh flowers. However, if you weren’t born with a green thumb then you should try this pretty faux fiddle leaf fig from Uttermost. It’s super realistic and has modern appeal. 

This rustic nightstand by Kincaid will give your bedroom that new year home interior look you are wanting.


Nightstand clutter. Is your nightstand always cluttered? That’s probably a sign that you need to replace it with one that’s designed to keep you organized and make your life easier. Choose one that has built-in electrical outlets or USB ports to help keep devices tucked away while charging and keep messy cords out of sight. Sleep well in the new year with a clutter-free space.


Now is the time to replace all those home interior pieces that you’ve been putting off. Make your home beautiful, comfortable, and functional in 2021. If you want to start the New Year off right, start at home.


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