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Chattanooga Accent Chairs at E.F. Brannon

Accent Chairs from Kincaid, FlexSteel, Hammary, and more!

Chairs to Bring the Room Together

Furniture no longer has to match when you decorate. Interior design has become a more popular means of expressing creativity than ever before. It is easy to become overwhelmed when you are redecorating the entire house, though. As a result, we recommend starting with something small, such as Chattanooga accent chairs.

Accent Chairs are the Finishing Touches

There are so many things to love about accent chairs! Think about all the interesting shapes and gorgeous fabrics you often see when shopping for accent chairs. Not only does this make for endless decorating possibilities, but it’s also a low-commitment way to play around with a new or unexpected style in your home. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Every vanity needs a pretty chair, and the no-nonsense modern design of an accent chair makes it the perfect seat to pull up to a dressing table or counter in a bathroom.
  • Your dining space is an obvious place to use accent chairs, all around the table or simply place one on either end of a buffet to give your dining space a high-end look.
  • Place accent chairs in pairs opposite a sofa or sectional to create balance.
  • Replace your standard office chair with a high back and sturdy arms, this chair makes for a comfortable spot to be more productive in style.
  • A landing at the top of the stairs is a great place to create a conversation area with accent chairs. Create a cozy and stylish spot for reading or having coffee with a friend.
  • Flanking the fireplace with a pair of chairs will create symmetry and define the space and softens the look of brick or stone.
  • Make a statement in your home’s entry by placing an accent chair next to an entry table to perk up this high-traffic area.

Furniture Brands

At E.F. Brannon, we carry a variety of brands so you have a vast selection to choose from when you shop for the best accent chairs available. Our accent chair selection features items from top brands such as:

Choose your favorite style or let our designers customize the right look for your home. With accent chairs and personalized design advice, the possibilities are endless. No matter how you use them you’ll find this is a fun way to work with fresh styles. Visit our showroom to find these accent chairs and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Accent Chairs

What size should an accent chair be? When adding an accent chair, think about how it relates to what is already there and if both pieces can fit well together!

What type of accent chairs are tufted chairs? These chairs have small evenly-spaced crevices secured with buttons that give any soft surface an elegant touch.

Where is the best place to put an accent chair? A room’s ambiance can be greatly impacted by where one chooses to put an accent chair. The best place is all dependent upon what mood you’re seeking at that particular moment!

What type of accent chairs are sculpture chairs? A sleek and sharp silhouette is what you can expect from these unique types of chairs.

What is the function of an accent chair? Whatever you intend the function of your accent chair to be will directly impact its comfort and should be considered when making other decisions such as its style, material, or size.

What type of accent chairs are wingback chairs? They have two “wings” that stick out from either side, which were originally designed so people could keep themselves warm by trapping heat from the fireplace behind them.

What material makes the most sense for an accent chair? When you’re looking for the perfect accent chair, consider how often and where in your home it will be used. A light-colored material like white or gray can create a more formal feel while dark colors are better suited to high-use situations – so choose accordingly!

What type of accent chairs are slipper chairs? Armless chairs are a light and airy way to add additional seating to your room. They lack arm supports, so they may not be as comfortable over longer periods of time, but this type is perfect for when you need an extra seat or two!

What accent chairs are needed to tie a room together? When working with existing furnishings, accent chairs can be great opportunities to either reinforce a theme or color palette for the space. They also provide an excellent venue in which you could introduce new patterns and silhouettes without drastically changing your décor!

What type of accent chairs are lounge chairs? Lounge chairs often come with thick cushions, making them super comfy and perfect for lounging around.


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