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Sit Back, Relax, and Put Your Feet Up

Reclining furniture can be a divisive subject, one that many feel strongly about whether they are adamantly pro recliner or adamantly against. Our team at EF Brannon is here to help change that. While most would agree that reclining chairs offer the ultimate in comfort, they can also leave much to be desired when it comes to aesthetics. When you shop for Chattanooga recliners in our large furniture store showroom, you’ll see that style and comfort can indeed coexist. We have so many stylish recliners to choose from that are intensely comfortable, bafflingly functional, and of course, pleasing to the eye.

Chattanooga Recliners at EF Brannon

You can find a wide assortment of Chattanooga recliners at our store. No matter what your style or taste, or what room you need a new chair for, our interior design experts can help you select the perfect piece. Add value, functionality, and style to your space with a Chattanooga recliner from EF Brannon. Trust us. It will quickly become your very favorite place to sit! In the meantime, check out our blog for some reclining living room furniture inspiration.

Benefits of Recliners

In addition to being crazy comfortable, recliner chairs have a lot of other additional benefits, one being stress relief. After a long, hard, busy day, it’s nice to sink down into a reclining chair, but it’s also great for your body to recline, providing rest for the spine. These chairs offer support for your back, as well as elevation for the legs, to help rejuvenate you while you take a load off.

Another benefit is improved circulation. Sitting at a desk or standing all day causes blood to rush to your legs and feet, and can also cause inflammation. Reclining can actually provide your lower body a little relief. Elevating your feet above heart level can allow gravity to help improve your blood flow and circulation naturally while you relax and enjoy a great book or television show.

Reclining chairs can also potentially help to alleviate back pain. According to the CDC, back pain is the most commonly reported pain. A high quality recliner will provide excellent lumbar support which can potentially help to reduce back pain with regular use. No matter what though, you’ll find the reclining chair provides comfort you’ll love.


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