How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Chattanooga Interior Design with EF Brannon The job of an interior designer is to find that balance of what works aesthetically and a client’s personal style, all while […]

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Curate a Hallway That’s Stylish & Functional

Chattanooga Interiors That Really Work The hallways in your Chattanooga interiors can be so much more than just a transitional space. Often, hallways are wide enough to turn […]

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Five Pieces to Decorate with to Add Texture

Infuse Your Chattanooga Interiors with Style You Can Feel Decorating a home requires that so many different elements come together. One of the most important ones, in our […]

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Four Easy Ways to Add Marble to Your Home

Chattanooga Interior Design Tips: Incorporating Beautiful, Elegant Stone Touches Marble is one of the most popular trends going in interior design. This beautiful stone adds such an earthy […]

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