How to Style Your Home Like an Interior Designer

Chattanooga Interior Design with EF Brannon

The job of an interior designer is to find that balance of what works aesthetically and a client’s personal style, all while making their space functional. While that may sound overwhelming there are some tricks-of-the-trade that many designers always come back to. If you want your home to look like it was styled by an interior designer, then you just have to think like one. Keep reading for some tips that are used by the pros, and transform your Chattanooga interior design from the ground up.

Your Chattanooga interior design can look professional when you follow tips like mixing old with new. Try touches like this vintage mirror to ground other modern elements.


Mix old with new. While it’s the job of an interior designer to update and stylize spaces, that doesn’t mean everything has to be brand new. Even modern spaces benefit from elements with a vintage quality to add character. A mirror with an aged patina or a chair with a worn leather are always classic staples.

Upgrade your Chattanooga interior design game by avoiding too many matching sets. Try these accent chest nightstands from Kincaid.


Avoid sets. Mix-and-match instead. Interior designers rarely use matching sets of furniture because they know that blending styles and finishes adds more depth and interest. This could be as simple as choosing an upholstered cocktail ottoman instead of the coffee table that matches your end tables or replacing your nightstands with accent chests.

Opt for performance fabrics for highly trafficked areas for elevated Chattanooga interior design that is also functional.Best Home Furnishings

Use performance fabrics in high traffic areas. Yes, you can have designer style and still actually use your furniture. You don’t have to be afraid to let your kids bring snacks into the living room when easy-to-clean fabrics are available for custom upholstery. Interior designers would never sacrifice style for function, because they know they don’t have to. Have the best of both worlds.

Blend low and high price points to get elevated Chattanooga interior design on a budget.


Blend high and low price points. Interior designers always invest where it really matters. Sofas, mattresses and furniture that is used everyday should be high quality if you want to be comfortable, and to enjoy pieces that last. However, you may prefer to invest in high end, original artwork. The point is, you can absolutely have a home with a designer look even if you’re working with a budget.

Get a professional look with your Chattanooga interior design when you constantly edit your space. Get rid of clutter, and only keep pieces you love.


Edit. Interior designers are always editing their spaces. This means containing the clutter, removing things that just don’t work and only having pieces in your home that you truly love.

There’s no reason to settle. You can make your home look like it was styled by an interior designer even if you didn’t hire one. Just try these tricks-of-the-trade to create a home you love, or better yet, work with one of our design team to bring new flair to your Chattanooga interior design.


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