Style Spotlight: Modern Bohemian Interior Design

Chattanooga Interior Design Tips From EF Brannon

Bohemian design embraces everything there is to love about a relaxed space. Filled with organic textures, colorful textiles, and global influence, this style has taken over interiors across the world. While this popular style often creates a “collected over time” look, we love to take this trend and make it modern. Keep reading to learn more about this “anything goes” style with a modern twist, and get some tips on how to create the look in your Chattanooga interior design efforts.

Bring a little boho into your Chattanooga interior design

Eastern Accents

Bohemian design is far from minimalist. This is one of the key elements of the look. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t feel fresh. Bright whites and trendy accents give this room a modern feel.

Get the look!

  • Start with a clean canvas of white walls and furniture. It creates a crisp and current feel.
  • Use an eclectic mix of pillows. No, they don’t have to match. That’s the point!
  • Layer in texture everywhere possible. Woven wall hangings, a lamp shade with fringe, and a fluffy rug all add dimension.

Add bohemian vibes to your Chattanooga interior design with furniture that's also artwork


When your furniture is also artwork, you’re getting this look right. Bohemian interiors are often filled with statement pieces that have a one-of-a-kind look. Choose pieces that incorporate woven elements or are designed with carved wood to set the tone for your space.

Get the look!

  • A staple of bohemian style is natural textures. Anything rattan, wicker or bamboo adds major texture and an organic feel.
  • Contrast that with sleek furniture that features clean lines. A simple sofa table is the perfect modern counterpart to a sculptural chair.
  • Don’t forget to layer in pieces that soften the look such as pillows, throws or a fun ottoman.

This Loloi rug can add some instant boho to your Chattanooga interior design


While this space leans more modern than bohemian, it’s proof that even one or two elements are enough to bring this trend into your Chattanooga interior design. This works well for those who want to test the waters before committing to a total boho room makeover.

Get the look!

  • Replace your rug with one that has a vintage or faded look. Opt for rich colors to add more character to the room.
  • Incorporate one or two small pieces that have a woven or heavy texture such as an ottoman, a few pillows or even a wall tapestry.
  • Keep the rest of the space well edited with modern accents, artwork and muted tones.

Do you like your bohemian interiors with a modern twist? There are so many ways to get this look in doses large or small. Visit our showroom to let our design staff create a custom design plan for your Chattanooga home today!


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