Buying a New Sofa? Read this First!

The Right Sofa For Your Chattanooga Living Room

A sofa is a big investment. It sets the tone for the look of your living room, and should be both comfortable and made to last. This means there is a lot more to consider than just style. Don’t settle when it comes to this important component of your living room’s design. Keep reading for some important tips on what to consider before you buy your next sofa.


1. Construction matters. It’s just as important as choosing the right style. A well constructed sofa will last for years. It will hold up to family movie nights, afternoon naps, and entertaining friends and family. When you choose a sofa with a supportive spring system, such as an eight-way-hand-tied spring you find in a Kincaid sofa, it will serve you and your Chattanooga living room for years.

When choosing a couch for your Chattanooga living room, remember that construction matters.


2. Consider cushion comfort. What type of support do you need? Do you like a firm cushion, or do you prefer something you can sink into? With options from Flexsteel like extra-firm high resiliency or feather-blend cushions, and many other options, you can customize your sofa to suit your specific comfort needs and preferences.

When updated your Chattanooga living room with a new sofa, consider what fabric type will best suit your needs.


3. Choose fabric based on your needs. With so many gorgeous options, of course you’ll be tempted to choose the first fabric you fall in love with. But before you make the final decision, be sure to ask about things like durability and how easy the fabric is to clean, especially if you have pets or sometimes have dinner in front of the television. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your options are limited. You will be amazed at the options that are available from lines such as Revolution and Live Smart. These fabrics are made for real life, and still maintain a designer look.

When selecting a new sofa for your Chattanooga living room, be sure to tap in to your true style.

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4. Get in touch with your true style. Your sofa is typically a piece you’ll keep for years. When you buy one that’s well made, you can. This means you should be very thoughtful about the style you choose. If you tend to be more into modern trends, then a sofa with clean lines and straight arms is a smart choice. If you like to shake up your look now and then, you’ll probably want to choose a sofa with a transitional style, such as a rolled arm and boxy back cushions, so you can redecorate around it whenever the mood strikes.

Be sure to test out the new couch before you buy it for your Chattanooga living room. One huge benefit to shopping in person is you can see how it feels to sit, lounge, and lie on the couch you're considering!

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5. Test it! After all, that’s why we have a showroom. Sit down, put your feet up and relax. If you’ll be napping on it, then lie down. Sit on the sofa just like you would at home. That’s a major advantage of buying locally. You can’t sit-test a sofa or touch-test fabrics when you shop for furniture online.

If you need more help choosing the perfect couch for your Chattanooga living room, then stop by our design center. We are always happy to answer your questions and give you all the information you need to choose the right sofa and make the most of your space at home.


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