Curate a Hallway That’s Stylish & Functional

Chattanooga Interiors That Really Work

The hallways in your Chattanooga interiors can be so much more than just a transitional space. Often, hallways are wide enough to turn into an area that can be used to add more functionality to your home, and in some cases serve a purpose that you may not have even considered before. With a few key pieces your hallway can be more than just a way to get from one room to another. Here are four ways to turn your hallway into a functional and stylish space.

Take your Chattanooga interiors to a new level when you level up your hallways with functional pieces like this Uttermost two-door cabinet.


Create a reading nook. Take this small space and turn it into a cozy, little spot to curl up with a book and your favorite drink. A small comfortable chair next to a pretty accent piece is the perfect combination for a stylish little retreat right inside your own home.

Pieces like this low-profile desk by Kincaid can help transform your hallway into a functional space for your Chattanooga interiors.


Turn your hallway into a home office. Every home needs a space that’s dedicated to work. Whether you work from home or you need a space to sit and plan or get organized, the hallway has some serious potential for a mini office that provides some separation from the spaces where you like to relax.

Add a bookshelf like this piece by Hammary to your hallway to add function to your Chattanooga interiors.


Use your hallway to store extra dining chairs. Don’t opt out of buying those additional dining chairs you’ll need for extra guests just because you don’t have a place to store them. An accent cabinet flanked by two pretty chairs is always a stylish look. It’s an easy formula for decorating an empty space plus it serves a great purpose.


No room for a bookcase in your home? Place a console in your hallway and use it to create a charming display of all your favorite books. Then style in some pretty decor, hang a piece of artwork and your hallway will no longer be wasted space but an area that is both functional and big on style.

Do you have a hallway in your home that feels like wasted space? Make the most of your Chattanooga interiors by trying one of these looks or making an appointment with one of our designers for help with a custom plan for transforming your hallway.


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