Seven Small Sofas That Have Big Style

Decorating With Small Living Room Sofas From EF Brannon Chattanooga

Decorating a small living room and giving it a designer look is not an easy task. If a sofa isn’t the right size it can ruin the whole look and feel of the space. Well if there’s one thing we love it’s a good decorating challenge. We know there’s a perfect living room sofa for every home no matter the size. Check out some of our favorite small sofas that will add big style to your home.

Assortment of living room sofas.

Denton / Windsor / Digby / Holly / Wellsley / Dilworth / Aldrich

  • The last thing people will notice is the size of your space with a statement making wing style sofa.  At only 60” wide the Denton is technically a settee but makes an amazing sofa in a small space thanks to its chic details. It’s a cozy and stylish solution. 


  • The Windsor is another settee that is substantial enough to be the anchor of your living room. It has a roomy seat depth and plush bench cushion which creates the perfect place to unwind at the end of a long day.


  • Clean lines and modern details like square arms save space and have major style power. At only 80” long the Digby is a perfect fit in a small living room. Need something even smaller? Good news! It’s also available in a 70” sofa. 


  • Compact, curvy and with an overall sleek look the Holly has a great transitional style. It’s also available as a sleeper sofa so you can quickly turn your living room into a guest room, making it a multi-purpose space. 


  • If you’re a fan of vintage style, without a lot of room to spare, this is the sofa for you. At only 83” long the Wellsley may be small but it boasts some amazing details that will make you fall in love with your space no matter the size. 


  • Modern and tailored to perfection the Dilworth sofa packs some serious designer vibes into one small beautiful package. Designed with two cushions instead of the typical three, it plays a visual trick and appears bigger than it actually is. 


  • Finally, the Aldrich is a small settee with timeless details. Thanks to the tight back and bench cushion it always has a tidy look and it’s only 80” long. This one is a great choice for anyone that loves a classic look. 


With so many options there’s no reason why your home can’t have a designer look. Give your small living room the style it deserves. Meet with one of our EF Brannon Chattanooga designers to choose the perfect living room sofa and custom fabrics just for you and your home.


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