Five Reasons Your Decorating Never Feels Finished

Home Decorating Tips To Get That Finished Look From EF Brannon Chattanooga

You’ve picked all the perfect furniture for your home. You nailed your style and you did it all on your own. It’s exactly what you wanted but for some reason, it just doesn’t feel “finished”. Sound familiar? First of all, give yourself a pat on the back because home decorating on your own is not easy. We always want to be your go-to no matter where you are in the decorating process so we’ve put together five reasons why your home doesn’t feel finished and how to pull it all together. 

Sofas from Kincaid for home decorating


One. There’s no flow. When spaces don’t flow from one to the next it can make your home feel disjointed. That doesn’t mean every room has to have the exact same style but they should share elements. You can easily create flow by pulling colors from one space to draw into the next, using similar textures throughout your home, and keeping paint colors in harmony.

Door cabinet by Uttermost used for home decorating


Two. Bare walls. Homes need artwork. It adds personality and interest. It’s what makes your home your home. Choose pieces that inspire you in some way or bring to mind a favorite memory. If your home feels cold then choose colorful pieces. If you prefer neutrals then try pieces created with organic materials such as wooden wall hangings

Cream colored sofa by Uttermost used for home decorating


Three. You’re still trying to use outdated pieces. We’re all for mixing old and new. In fact, we often recommend it. But there is a big difference between using your grandmother’s vintage sideboard and trying to incorporate design trends from the 80s. Keep the vintage pieces but updated those outdated accessories and it will instantly change your space. 

Nesting coffee table by Uttermost used for home decorating


Four. You never accessorized. Accessories are just as important as artwork when finishing the look and feel of your home. Surfaces need pretty objects otherwise it will feel more like a museum than a cozy inviting home. It can be something as simple as a set of pretty candle holders and a floral arrangement. Bare surfaces are boring and will eventually collect clutter.

Bed spread by Eastern Accents for home decorating

Eastern Accents

Five. You’re stuck. You’ve come so far but you just can’t find the inspiration to bring it all together. Don’t let all your hard work be in vain. Ask for help! Sometimes all you need is another perspective. Hire a professional to help you finish what you started. 


We hope this helps you finally finish your home decorating so you can relax and enjoy it. Remember, no matter where you are in the decorating process our designers are always ready to help you pull it all together.


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