A Modern Approach to Dining Room Storage

Dining Room Storage For A Casual Look From EF Brannon Chattanooga

For many homes, the days of formal dining spaces are over. Many people want homes that are livable and have a more casual and relaxed feel. This means you may not need a formal china cabinet and yet you still need a place to store all your dining extras and pieces used on special occasions. So let’s take a look at a more casual approach to dining room storage and why it works for modern homes. 

Dining room storage cabinet in a modern house by Kincaid


Take the open concept approach with a modular shelving unit. The Symmetry has clean lines and an angular style which is striking, especially when styled to perfection. It may require a little more editing and organizing but the payoff is so worth it. Plus, you’ll never waste time searching for something when it’s all right in front of you.

Dark colored dining room storage cabinet by Kincaid


Create a more casual dining experience with the Rockland buffet. There’s plenty of room for drinks, charcuterie boards, or desserts. Your guests can serve themselves as you dine eliminating the need for anyone to have to leave the table. Take the stress out of entertaining by making it light and fun.

Solid Dining room storage piece from Uttermost displayed in a modern home.


Use a sideboard as an opportunity to add some serious style. The Lucas chest has some amazing details and makes a statement while allowing you to hide everything away. Top it with layered artwork and an assortment of chic pottery for a casual eclectic look.

Tall standing dining room storage display cabinet by Kincaid


Create stylish storage. A glass front cabinet like the Abbott allows you to store things safely away while still being able to appreciate your most treasured pieces and beautiful objects. Personalize it and have fun styling it by adding a few pops of your favorite color.

Sideboard by Kincaid for casual dining room storage.


Even if you don’t need the storage you’ll likely need a piece to balance the space. Try an open sideboard! You’ll always appreciate having the extra storage available when you do need it and you’re sure to make use of it when entertaining. Plus, when it’s as beautiful as the Edisto that’s reason enough to have one.


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