The Beauty of Winter Inspired Interiors

Winter may be an unexpected source of design inspiration but we believe that looking to any season can be a great way to spark creativity. Though they may be dark and grey, winter landscapes can inspire color palettes and mood boards that translate to cozy, modern and chic interiors. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite spaces that reflect the distinctive charm of the season.

Kincaid Callaway Sofa


Moody shades of winter can translate into a stylish living room. A sofa and chairs layered in white, cream and grey reflects the look and feel of a winter sky. Punctuated with a dark leather ottoman the space is crisp and bright.

Kincaid Oakmont King UPH Panel Bed


This Kincaid bedroom has a look that reflects the natural elements of the winter season but feels inviting and warm. These Urban Cottage pieces are finished in a soft grey and the space gets a perfect finishing touch with pale blue pillows and artwork. This palette is reminiscent of an icey winter day.

Uttermost Cozy Capsule Dining Chair


Black and white furniture has a winter inspired vibe especially when paired with stark white walls. As if draped in a blanket of snow this space has an ethereal and peaceful effect. While white upholstery may seem intimidating the Cozy Capsule chairs are made with stain-resistant performance fabric to keep the space clean and bright.

Kincaid Marin Queen Bed


Winter inspires cozy spaces. Get the look with the Marin bed. An upholstered bed framed in grey wood is layered with pillows and plush blankets for an inviting retreat. Polished metal lamps and touches of gold add warmth to this winter inspired space.

So much time is spent indoors in the winter so your home should be a place you love. Use the elements of the season to inspire beautiful spaces that you will appreciate all year long.


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