2024 Trends: Predictions from Our Design Team

As we look ahead at the new year we’re taking some time to think about what’s going to be big in interior design. It’s always exciting to discuss emerging styles, upcoming trends and what furniture is going to be taking over homes and social medial feeds everywhere. We asked some of our designers what they think will be big in 2024. Here are their predictions.

Clarendon Rectangular Dining Table


Elevated farmhouse. While farmhouse style furniture isn’t going anywhere the overall approach to this look is changing. We’re seeing a shift with this genre that’s less rustic and more sophisticated. Expect to see many of the same farmhouse finishes but with minimalist modern decor and polished accessories.

Washburn rectangular coffee table


Brown furniture. Rich stain on solid wood furniture has timeless appeal. After so much use of grey people are craving a return to the classics. This is why we believe brown furniture will be making its way into so many spaces no matter the style.

Green with Envy 2 Drawer Chest


A nod to traditional styles. While traditional furniture has always been a go-to for many we’re seeing a change in how people want to use it. This year we expect to see a more casual approach to traditional spaces with the pairing of timeless furniture and modern pieces. Think livable spaces with high-end style.

Tuscany Sofa


Green! We’re already seeing a shift back to earthy and natural tones like warm beige and brown. Green pairs perfectly with these tones and has a powerful impact as a way to add color to a neutral space.

Telluride Accent Chair


Natural woods and organic styles. A fresh take on all white or monochromatic spaces, natural woods are a way to get a neutral look that’s layered with texture and depth. Handcrafted furniture and artisan pieces are going to play a major role in creating unique spaces in the coming year.

What do you think of these predictions? If you want to try any of these looks that are sure to be big in 2024 then shop our showroom. You can find everything you need to give your home fresh style for a great new year.


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