New Year, New Home: Goals for a Better Living Room

A new year means a fresh start. What better space to refresh than the room you and your family spend so much of your time; the living room. A better living room will serve your family well and will always be guest-ready. Level up your living space this year by setting goals that are sure to help you add style while creating a cozy and functional living room.

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Update lighting. Modern lighting is about more than just interesting light fixtures. Lighting should enhance your decor and create a cozy environment. This means you need the right lighting options for every time of day. So layer the room with thoughtfully placed table lamps, wall sconces and appropriate overhead lighting to create the right light for anything from family movie night to coffee with friends.

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Replace outdated or worn out rugs. Nothing dates a living room quite like a rug that has lived well beyond its years. Bring your living room up to date with a rug that has an interesting pattern or a modern color palette. A fresh rug with a simple design in modern hues will give your living room an instant boost.

Brixton Coffee Table


Make your living room inviting. This means it should have a well defined layout and obvious walkways. Don’t forget fluffy pillows, soft throws and pretty candles to create a cozy feel. Keep surfaces clear of clutter and be sure every seat has a spot to place a drink.

Catalina Recliners


Create more function. Functional pieces automatically make a living room more comfortable. When furniture is built with conveniences such as hidden storage and built-in USB ports it just makes life easier and your living room more luxurious.

Omnia Max

Omnia Leather

Invest in high-quality seating. No matter what your style or how you use the room, it will never be a space you love if you don’t have comfortable seating. So invest in options such as genuine leather and eight-way-hand-tied spring systems for sofas and chairs that will be comfortable and look great for years to come.

If you’re still setting goals then put your living room at the top of the list. Invest in your home and it will always be a place you and your family will want to be. Make an appointment with our design staff to learn even more way to create a better living room in the new year.


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