How to Blend Decorating Styles for a Fresh Look

Can you ever have too much of a good thing? When it comes to decorating, the answer is yes. While you should infuse your home with your favorite style you should also consider introducing contrasting decorating styles in order to keep it fresh and unique. Here are some tips for blending styles in your home for a professionally decorated look.


Be intentional. Mix up your style with one bold piece so you don’t miss the mark. An otherwise basic table becomes a statement maker when wrapped in an organic texture. It brings an unexpected element to this modern space.


Create balance. Blending styles doesn’t mean one space takes on mid-century modern while the next space is glam. It means pairing these elements together in the same areas to create a flow throughout your home. A leather sofa gets a polished look with a touch of gold.


Pay attention to lines. Choose pieces that are different but have some similar elements. For example, it is possible to add a recliner to your living room and keep the aesthetic cohesive. A recliner that has clean lines and slim arms mimics the style of the sofa but each piece still has its own unique look.


Limit your color palette. A limited color palette will allow you to easily layer in new pieces with various design elements. If you have too many competing colors then contrasting patterns and styles can result in chaos. A neutral or limited color palette allows you to blend styles that can live in harmony.


Use the power of repetition. Repeat shapes, finishes or colors throughout the space when decorating with different design styles. This will pull it all together and create a cohesive look. These unique accents work together thanks to similar shapes and give this neutral space a magazine-worthy look.

Does your home need a refresh? Blending decorating styles has the power to give your home a fresh and totally unique look. Try some of these tips or meet with a designer to get started today.


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