The Endless Possibilities of Leather

Chattanooga Interior Design Tips That Are Truly Timeless

In the world of interior design, things can change quickly. Luckily there will always be some Chattanooga interior design classics that are truly timeless, and one of our favorites is leather. Genuine leather furniture will last for years, and it’s incredibly versatile. Your style may change over the years, but when it’s leather, your sofa doesn’t have to. There are so many ways to decorate with leather that the possibilities are endless! Here are three looks that we’re loving right now.

When it comes to your Chattanooga interior design choices, leather is classic and can help you create a modern look in your space.

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Mid-century modern is having a major moment but this design staple is always a good call. You’ll never regret buying a classic brown leather sofa. It has so much longevity, and only gets better with age.

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  • Choose a sofa with a low back and clean lines in a classic brown leather.
  • Go high contrast with wall color, rugs and pillows in fun fabrics.
  • Finish the look with a few carefully chosen accessories for a minimalist feel.

Create a casual chic vibe for your Chattanooga interior design with this leather sectional.


A leather sectional is the ultimate in comfort and style. White leather is so chic, and sets the tone for an ultra modern space. Plus, a sectional ensures there’s plenty of room for everyone.

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  • Start with a large sectional that has deep seats and plush cushions for that laid back feel.
  • Layer accents with shades of grey, pops of color and casually tossed throws.
  • Mix it up with a fun statement-making coffee table.
  • Keep it fresh with white walls and polished metallic accents.

Take your Chattanooga interior design in a cozy classic direction with pieces like this sofa from Omnia Leather.

Omnia Leather

If there’s one word that describes this look, it’s classic. Classic interiors are so inviting and never go out of style. The best part? You can easily redesign your living room around classic leather whenever you’re ready for a change.

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  • When choosing a sofa or sectional look for classic details such as rolled arms and nail trim.
  • Opt for an inviting and timeless shade of leather such as camel or rich chocolate.
  • Create interest with texture. Blend pieces that incorporate wood, metal and glass.
  • Don’t forget to add something organic! It always adds a fresh feel.

These styles are only a few of what we have to offer in leather sofas and sectionals. The possibilities may be endless but our designers can help you choose the perfect custom leather look for your home.


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