Style Spotlight: Scandinavian Interiors

EF Brannon Explores Scandinavian Design Style for Your Chattanooga Home

Exploring new design trends is always an exciting endeavor. In fact, it’s a great way to find inspiration when you’re feeling stuck. Whether you’re drawn to every aspect of a particular style or simply want to try incorporating one or two of new design elements– it’s a fun way to update the look of your home. After all, the blending of styles and design trends is one of the most meaningful aspects of interior design. So let’s take a look at Scandinavian design, a style that’s all about clean lines and a minimalist vibe.

Incorporate Scandinavian design tips into your Chattanooga interiors with minimalism leading the way.


An overarching theme in Scandinavian design style is minimalism. Always free of clutter and never over the top, this design has a no-nonsense feel. That’s why this style of accent chair is often found in Scandinavian interiors. It’s straightforward and takes up little visual space, allowing light to flow freely.

Clean lines are another key element in Scandinavian design.


Clean lines are another major component contributed to this type of design. This makes mid-century modern furniture an easy choice when decorating. Sofas with square arms and tight backs and rectangular accent tables with a simple design are obvious choices, because they have an inherently clean and tidy look.

Another signature of Scandinavian design is a look that always feels fresh with clean lines and organic elements.


Another signature element of Scandinavian design is that it always has a look that feels fresh, thanks in part to its organic elements. Typically, greenery is always favored over fresh flowers in Scandinavian interiors, in keeping with the overall neutral and airy palette.

Scandinavian design is also all about neutrals as seen here with this beautiful rug from Loloi.


Speaking of neutrals– they represent yet another major element of this modern style. More than that though, it’s about neutrals in high contrast. Many modern homes layer grey on grey but this look is more about earth tones. For example, in this space we see white walls, with a black and white rug and then warmth is added to the room with a brown leather headboard and beige throws.

Scandinavian design also incorporates wood accents like this little stool by Uttermost.


Finally, wood accents are always present in Scandinavian interiors. It’s another way to add warmth to this look and it also introduces texture. This fun little stool offers up an easy way to incorporate this look into your home. Place a pair at the foot of the bed or try just one with an accent chair.

How do you feel about Scandinavian design? If you’re drawn to this look, try one of these elements in your home, or meet with our design staff to help you put this look together. Add some Scandinavian style to your Chattanooga home to give it a modern update.


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