Neutral Interiors That Are Anything But Boring

How to Use Neutrals in Your Chattanooga Interior Design

Decorating with neutrals can be tricky. While there is a right way to do it, we believe it doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is knowing what elements to incorporate and why you should incorporate them into your Chattanooga interior design. We know you want your home to be beautiful, not boring. Do you want to create a neutral space that looks like it’s straight from the pages of your favorite decorating magazine? If the answer is yes, then let’s take a look at these gorgeous neutral spaces, and break down exactly why they work.

Incorporate neutrals into your Chattanooga interior design in ways that are anything but boring with pieces like this rug from Loloi.


This dining space looks like one where the dinner parties are just as exciting as the design. It’s modern and fresh and undeniably fun.

Why It Works

  1. Contrast. While overall, this piece is light and bright, it’s the contrast of black frames on white walls and white chairs paired with a wood table that make it eye-popping.
  2. Angles. There are so many fun angles in this dining room. From the base of the contemporary chairs to the clean lines of the table to the repetition on the frames, they draw the eyes all over the space.
  3. Interesting use of lighting. Instead of the standard chandelier this space makes use of the ceiling as a place to create a unique look.

With the right elements, you can create a neutral space like this one in your Chattanooga interior design. Use interesting details and dimension.


A monochromatic grey space can quickly fall flat without the right elements. It’s all about creating dimension and interesting details and this space has plenty of both.

Why It Works

  1. Pattern. A rug with a large scale pattern grounds the space, while multi-pattern pillows add interest to an oversized sectional.
  2. Interesting artwork. A wood slice wall hanging is an unexpected and refreshing choice for this modern living room.
  3. Natural light. Washed in light, contrasting neutrals have even more depth. If you’re decorating a space that doesn’t get a lot of light, just create pockets of light with strategically placed lamps.

Create a stylish neutral nook like this one for your Chattanooga interior design, incorporating fun pieces like this end table by Kincaid.


This little reading nook has so much going on, and it all comes together perfectly to create a stylish, neutral space. This is proof that even small spaces can have big style.

Why It Works

  1. Texture. We’re always talking about adding texture but especially in neutral spaces. Texture adds depth, which is vital in a space without color.
  2. Mixed materials. Blending materials such as brick wood creates character, and lends a certain “lived-in” feel, which is sometimes missing in neutral spaces.
  3. A pop of gold. Grey has cool undertones. Adding one or two gold accessories is an easy way to incorporate some warmth.

There’s no reason to live with boring, neutral Chattanooga interior design. Neutral interiors can be exciting! Follow these simple tips, or stop by our showroom for more hands-on inspiration on how to transform your home today.


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