Pretty Dressers for Small Bedrooms

Small Dressers For Organizing Your Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom organized is key to creating a peaceful space. And if there’s one room in the home that should be peaceful, it’s definitely the bedroom. When it’s free of clutter and everything has a home it will naturally result in more restful sleep. Well, what if you have a small bedroom? Don’t worry!  Even small bedrooms can be organized and orderly with the right furniture. Here are five small dressers that fit compact spaces to keep your bedroom organized and stylish.

Distressed wood small dresser by Kincaid.


The Breck dresser may be compact but where it’s lacking in size it makes up for it with design. Sleek, thin legs save space for roomy drawers and allow it to fit easily into small areas. At only 50” wide this petite white oak dresser could double as a nightstand to serve as a multipurpose piece.

Distressed wood small dresser by Kincaid with a mirror, lamp, and plant for decoration.


The Wellington dresser comes in at 60” wide but thanks to a unique design it looks less bulky than a typical dresser and takes up less visual space. It even has a fun hidden feature! The top middle drawer has a flip-front design to allow for media components that can be hidden out of sight when not in use.

A dark wood small dresser by Kincaid with a mirror, plant, lamp and books on top.


Sleek and modern, the Garrison dresser is 58” wide and provides ample storage for small bedrooms. With one door that opens to reveal adjustable shelving, this stylish dresser is also highly versatile. Added drawer dividers make this pretty grey dresser a hard-working piece.

Nine drawer small dresser with a light wood color by Kincaid with a mirror and other decorative pieces.


The Westwood bureau has nine soft-close drawers, roomy enough to store all your necessities in rustic industrial style. Make it even more functional, while adding some great texture, by topping it with the Westwood mirror. It has a built-in tray that’s perfect for displaying pretty pieces like perfume bottles and jewelry while keeping them tidy and in place.

Tall standing small dresser by Kincaid.


While this one is not technically a dresser, it’s a great solution for small spaces and just too pretty to leave out. The Walker lingerie chest boasts seven drawers, dividers, and felt lining. This piece is the perfect way to turn a small bedroom nook into a pretty storage area. 


Your small bedroom doesn’t have to be a source of stress due to clutter. Get organized with one of these well designed and perfectly sized dressers. See them in our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom where we have everything you need to get organized in style.



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