Five Tips for Styling a Nightstand

Functional Bedroom Accessories to Add To Your Nightstand

Styling surfaces can be intimidating. It seems easy enough but when it comes down to actually making it look like your vision or inspiration photo it can be hard to decide what stays and what goes. Well, what if we told you it’s easy to style this small space with just a few pretty and functional bedroom accessories? Here are five tips for easily turning your nightstand into a stylish space.

bedroom accessories featuring a plant and hanging light on the nightstand with a bed and bed stool

Eastern Accents

One. Pretty lighting is a must. Late night reading requires soft lighting. Not only is this a functional nightstand staple but it adds height and interest. If you want a more designer look then opt for a hanging pendant or sconce light. This is also a stylish solution for freeing up space on the nightstand.

nightstand with bedroom accessories like a lamp, books, and a little plant.


Two. Add stacked books. A stack of books adds texture and helps vary the heights of pieces on display. It’s the perfect base for styling decorative items such as a candle but don’t be afraid to play around with styling this spot with pretty everyday items.

pink bedding with bedroom accessories on a nightstand including a lamp and picture frame.

Eastern Accents

Three. Make it personal. A framed photograph or two is a pretty addition and makes for a more personal space. Choose a frame that repeats an element in the room such as a polished metal or a grainy wood. Place it at an angle just in front of the lamp so it receives a soft glow.

bedroom set up with bedroom accessories like a plant and hanging photo over the nightstand.


Four. Hang artwork. Placing artwork just above a nightstand is a great way to add color, interest, and a more custom look. It’s also a fun way to fill the space between a nightstand and sconce light. Just be sure the size of the artwork is in proportion to the nightstand for a visually balanced look.

Wooded nightstand with bedroom accessories such as a plan. books and a lamp.


Five. When in doubt, keep it simple. A lamp, a stack of books, and an organic element always look stylish and fresh. This no-fuss formula works every time. It’s clutter free and makes for a more calm feel, which is always what you want in the bedroom. 


Don’t let your nightstand become a forgotten space. You can wake up every morning to a pretty and stylish area when you follow these easy tips for styling this small area in your bedroom. Visit our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom for even more ideas on styling every space in your home.


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