How To Create Designer Style in the Kitchen

Kitchen Decor For An Enhanced Style

The kitchen is such a utilitarian space it’s easy to think of decorating it in terms of countertops, backsplashes, and appliances. While those are important decisions to make when designing a kitchen the decorating takes place in the next phase and it’s all about the pretty details. Don’t stop at the design! Give this utilitarian space personality and a designer look. Keep reading to find out how kitchen decor can enhance your space.

Loloi rug placed by the fridge for kitchen decor


Kitchens are full of elements like stone, marble, and stainless steel which can sometimes make it feel cold. Infuse this space with warmth and a designer vibe by adding a vintage inspired runner. They’re loaded with color, character and have a look that’s totally on-trend.

A wicker style chair from Uttermost used as kitchen decor by the bar cart.


Designer kitchens always have interesting seating and the island is a fun place to add some statement making stools. Choose a contrasting color so they don’t simply blend into the island. It’s also important to choose a style that’s different from, but compliments, any chairs in a nearby space such as a kitchen nook or dining room.

barstools at a round table for modern kitchen decor


Implement modern lighting. One common element you always see in a kitchen with a designer look is unique lighting. Take the time to find interesting pendants to hang over the island or sink and you’ll definitely want to choose a statement making chandelier to elevate your eat-in kitchen.

fake plant and flower pots on a shelf as kitchen decor


Style your kitchen with cool accessories. We’re not talking about typical pieces like wine racks and tabletop decor. Go beyond typical kitchen accessories and consider pieces that you would use in living spaces like this pretty pottery and marble jacks. Place them on a tray on the island and tuck them into open shelving for a chic look.

chairs and kitchen table with hanging light for kitchen decor


If your kitchen has a nook then an eye-catching table is a must for creating designer style. Even a classic table can have a modern twist. For example, this round table has a modern pedestal and the two toned finish is a moody contrast in a bright white kitchen. 


If your kitchen doesn’t feel finished it could be that you stopped at the design and never finished the decorating. After you’ve read this how-to, visit our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom for everything you need to give your kitchen a designer style.


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