Five Realistic Home Decor Goals for 2022

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We’re well into January now and everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions.  Setting goals to improve your life and make the new year a great one is about more than improving yourself. It’s about improving how you live which means improving where you live. So we’ve put together a list of realistic decor goals for 2022  that will help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and stress free home.

couch and chair decor for the living room

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1. Toss anything that can’t be fixed. If it’s stained or broken, and your home can function without it, toss it. Don’t bring that energy into the new year. It will leave your home feeling clean and fresh and leave you feeling inspired.

cabinet decor from Hammary


2. Make this the year you get organized. You could fill your home with your dream furniture and the most beautiful accessories but if you’re constantly dealing with clutter you’ll likely never be happy. So when buying new furniture choose pieces designed with ample storage space to make keeping your home tidy a breeze.

wood coffee table decor by Kincaid


3. Be intentional about choosing furniture. This goes beyond storage. Yes, you should choose pieces that you find beautiful but look for features that will make your life easier. For example, this coffee table has four removable trays making entertaining fun and easy. Look for other elements such as end tables with USB ports and nightstands with built-in nightlights. These simple but smart features will help your home function more smoothly.

unique decor book shelf from Uttermost


4. Wrap up all those unfinished projects. Is there a spot in your home you’ve been planning to decorate? Maybe there’s a bookshelf you want to style or an empty spot on the wall that needs some artwork and you’ve just been putting it off. Put it on your schedule and you’re more likely to get it done! You’ll feel better about crossing it off your list and you’ll enjoy your home so much more.

bright living room decor from Kincaid


5. Find Your True Style. An ever-evolving process, finding your true style means you can decorate with confidence. It’s easier than you think. Just listen to your intuition. If you love it, go for it. Incorporate a few trends you like and don’t be afraid to try new things. Over time you will hone your decorating skills and create a home that’s truly your own. While this is a goal that will go well beyond the new year, it’s one that you can start now.

Setting decor goals for your home doesn’t have to be complicated! These realistic goals can help you make the new year a great one by creating a home you love. Don’t forget, we’re always here to help you accomplish any goals you have for your home, large or small.


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