Sofa or Sectional: Which is Right for You?

Comfortable Sofas For Your New Space From EF Brannon Chattanooga

A common dilemma we often see people encounter when furnishing a new home is making the decision between sofas or sectionals for your living room. It can be intimidating to make this decision for a new space because it’s a big commitment. Well, we can help you make this decision really easy. Of course, style is important but there are some other factors that you should consider so you’ll never have any regrets. Let’s take a look at three Kincaid sofas that are also available as sectionals and how to determine which is the right choice for your home.

Kingston sofas and sectionals in a living room by Kincaid


1. Sofas offer more versatility. If you’re the kind of person who likes change, it may be wise to choose a sofa. A sofa will give you more layout options when you decide it’s time to give the space a fresh look. It’s much easier to rearrange than a sectional and it will give you the space to add more seating such as accent chairs or a love seat. If you’re a fan of classic style then the Kingston is one that delivers. With details such as tufting and tuxedo arms, it will always be the star of the space.

Linear sofas and sectionals displayed in a living room by Kincaid


2. Sectionals can help define areas. This is why they’re often a go-to when furnishing a home with an open concept. A sectional can be customized to fit the specific size of the room and will create intentional zones or areas. This makes a sectional a smart choice for an open floor plan or a large space. The Linear has clean lines and an overall sleek look. A beautiful option for a modern home, it’s easy to use this sofa or sectional to create an edgy eclectic look or a minimalist aesthetic.

Windsor sofas and sectionals displayed in a living room by Kincaid


3. Sofas and sectionals function differently. So it’s important to think about the way your family lives. If you have a large family and everyone likes to gather on the sofa for movie night then your living room, and family, would likely benefit from a sectional. If you tend to host guests for cocktails or book club then you probably need seating where everyone can have their own space. This makes a sofa and chairs a better fit for your home. The Windsor, with a tight back and rolled arms, is transitional and comfortable making it a great choice no matter how you use the space.


We hope this helps, but if you’re still undecided, make an appointment with one of our designers for an in-home consultation. Not only can we help you choose the right sofa pieces but we can customize every detail. Visit our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom to get started today.


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