Beyond Wood: Five Statement Beds that Are Anything but Boring

Decorating a bedroom often begins with the bed. The focal point of the room, a bed has the ability to set the scene for an amazing design. If you want to decorate your bedroom in a way that is beyond ordinary then you need to start with a bed that is anything but boring. Here are five statement beds that go beyond wood to inspire a design that will turn your bedroom into a space you’ll love.

The Sylvan, one of Kincaid's statement beds.


1. The Sylvan. Not only is this metal bed a statement piece, but it’s also so easy to decorate with. Metal blends seamlessly with almost any wood finish allowing you to create a collected designer look. Hammered metal has a modern industrial style that wows.

The Spool bed, one of Kincaid's statement beds.


2. The Spool bed. An upholstered bed is always classic, but when it’s trimmed with a timeless wood detail it takes it over the top. The Spool bed will inspire a bedroom design that’s traditional in style with a current modern-day feel.

The Wyatt, one of Kincaid's statement beds.


3. The Wyatt. If you appreciate the character of grainy wood but want a softer feel, this is the way to get the look. Modern style and classic design coexists so beautifully in this partially upholstered bed. These mixed materials have a show-stopping look.

The Kelly, one of Kincaid's statement beds.


4. The Kelly. The sleigh bed is a timeless piece. Make it memorable by choosing one that incorporates distinct details. Carved wood, delicate nail trim and a weathered finish come together to create a sleigh bed that goes beyond ordinary.

The Longview, one of Kincaid's statement beds.


5. The Longview. Choose leather for an unexpected take and unique style. A closer look at this edgy design reveals a small nail trim detail over an exposed leather flange for a deconstructed look. This bed will give your bedroom a major dose of texture.

You can create a beautiful bedroom that’s unique and full of character with statement beds that go beyond wood. Our showroom is filled with beds that feature mixed materials and designer styles. Meet with our design staff to start creating your dream bedroom today.


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