Boost Your Home & Mood with Colorful Artwork

There are so many benefits to exposing yourself to color and colorful artwork. It has the power to ignite inspiration, add energy to your home and boost your mood. Getting a daily dose of color is easy when you add the right artwork in all the right places. Here are some of our favorite pieces of colorful artwork and how to use them.

Colorful artwork from Uttermost.


Hang the Color Theory framed canvases above a black console. Vibrant pinks and oranges will make it feel like Spring has arrived every morning. The contrast of rich color with black furniture will instantly give the room a whole new feel.

Colorful artwork above a buffet from Crestview.


Let the artwork inspire the design. Draw from the tones in a colorful piece to create a space that’s layered with your favorite hues. White walls are the perfect background for vibrant colors and rich textures that will bring some amazing energy into your home.

Colorful artwork above the spectrum pillow by Uttermost.


Commit to one dominant hue. Pull one shade from a colorful piece of artwork and layer it throughout the space for a sophisticated style. Blue pillows and ottomans with this neutral sofa create a cheerful space where the green is allowed to burst from the canvas.

Framed colorful artwork from Uttermost.


Even a small dose of color can have a powerful impact. The Color Block prints feature shades of rose and mauve layered with grey tones for a space that’s feminine and bright. This subtle addition of color has a happy overall feel with a modern style.

Petit Bijoux colorful artwork from Uttermost.


Create some playful style with the Petite Bijoux canvases. Hang them over a console in a neutral foyer to inspire your guests with colorful hues. Vibrant prints matted in bright white and framed in gold add color and whimsy.

Give your home and your mood a boost with colorful artwork in all the right places. Our showroom is filled with colorful pieces in a range of styles. Shop our showroom to find your favorites today!


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