How To Make the Most of a Spacious Bedroom

Modern homes are often designed with a spacious bedroom and this means extra space to fill. While there are some instances where blank space makes sense, it’s often better to maximize the space you have in a way that makes your home more functional. So if you have some extra space in your bedroom, here are four ways to furnish it to enhance your home and your life.

A spacious bedroom with a Kincaid chaise lounge.


Create a reading nook. Make it extra luxurious with a chaise lounge like the Garrison. It’s the perfect place to stretch out and relax before going to bed. A chaise has a very bedroom-like feel and is the perfect retreat for when you want to get into a good book or enjoy your favorite drink in peace.

A spacious bedroom with an Uttermost writing desk.


Set up a small workspace. This is a smart way to utilize extra space in the bedroom if your home is lacking a home office. A pretty writing desk like the Taja has a style that will flow seamlessly with a beautiful bedroom. Add a sleek accent chair and instantly turn a corner of your bedroom into a space where you can work in comfort and style.

A spacious bedroom with a Kincaid door chest.

Put a door chest from Kincaid in a spacious bedroom.


Maximize storage. A door chest like the Kingsley is a great way to make the most of a spacious bedroom. A modern take on the armoire, door chests often have adjustable shelving and various sizes of drawers. This makes it a stylish storage solution for all those miscellaneous pieces that don’t have a home. Your bedroom will always be a more peaceful space when it’s well organized.

Make the most of a spacious bedroom with an etagere.


Use that extra space to add some style to your bedroom. An etagere is the perfect way to do just that. Add pretty objects, stack books and mix in treasured pieces or your favorite photographs. With a metal frame and washed mango shelves, the Baldwin etagere has a light and airy look.

Don’t let extra space go unused! Make the most of your spacious bedroom by choosing pieces that add style to your space and function to your life. Schedule an appointment with our design team for an in-home consultation on how to make the most of your extra bedroom space today.


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