Five Chairs for a Cozy Winter Reading Nook

Creating the perfect reading nook is a great way to elevate your bedroom and create a peaceful retreat within your home. With winter settling in there’s nothing quite like getting comfortable in a cozy reading nook. Whether you love to read or just want a quiet space to unwind, the right chair can make all the difference. Here are five of our favorite reading nook chairs and why they work so well in the bedroom.

Kincaid Asher


Let’s start with the classic wing chair. This timeless design comes in a variety of options from traditional to modern and everything in between. The Asher falls somewhere in the middle for a transitional style. With a high back and winged sides it offers a cozy cocoon to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Best Home Furnishings Astro

Best Home Furnishings

Next, let’s talk about this over sized barrel chair. If you want a chair you can sink into the Astro fits the bill. Add a pillow and throw to turn this statement chair into a cozy nest for your bedroom. Sink into luxury on a cold night with a great read and your favorite warm drink.

Kincaid Reese


Now let’s look at a chair that offers comfort and flexibility thanks to ease of movement. The Reese is built with a swivel base hidden behind a well-tailored skirt to add versatility to your reading nook. The ability to swivel allows you to easily turn to watch TV or gaze out the window for maximum comfort.

Best Home Furnishings Illusion

Best Home Furnishings

Now let’s talk about this recliner. The Illusion is perfect for those nights when bedtime reading turns into a deep sleep. With a plush seat and soft, round arms it’s an easy choice for creating a pretty and cozy reading nook.

Uttermost Corben


Finally, even if space is limited you can still go big on style. Thanks to its compact size it tucks easily into any corner. The Corben swivel chair has tall arms that will feel as though they are wrapped around you. This stylish chair is sure to be a comfort on a cold winter night.

Give yourself a space to retreat this winter with a cozy reading nook. No matter what your style the right chair will turn your bedroom into a space you can’t wait to come home to. Shop our showroom for all these chairs and more.


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