Small Interior Design Risks with Big Results

Interior Design Ideas That Standout From EF Brannon Chattanooga

It happens to us all. We see something beautiful in a magazine or on Pinterest and we become inspired to create the look in our own home. Yet when it comes to actually doing it, we don’t. Why? Because it feels too far outside of our comfort zone. Well, we believe decorating should be fun, not intimidating. So we have come up with some easy ways to take an interior design risk in your home, that while they may seem small, are sure to offer big results.

Interior Design bedroom set up

Eastern Accents

Break up a matching set of furniture. While there’s nothing wrong with matching sets,  and we often recommend them, breaking them up is a fun way to shake up your style. Here’s an easy way to do it; try replacing your nightstands with accent chests. A painted piece with some interesting details will add something extra to the space and it’s a quick-fix way to get a designer look.

Interior design look by Uttermost featuring a coffee table and console table


Replace your basic coffee table with a statement piece. A table like the Kravitz is what we call functional artwork. It serves a purpose while adding some serious style and making a statement in your home. This one is easily done in a day!

Interior design by Uttermost featuring creative hanging lights for the foyer.


Get creative with lighting. Use hanging pendants where you would normally use table lamps. Not only is this unexpected but it draws the eye up and around the room. The Cochin pendants add a modern vibe hovering over this sideboard and it frees up space for other pretty pieces. 

Interior design horse stampede wall decor by Uttermost


Skip the artwork in favor of whimsical wall decor. Not something you see every day, these tiny sculptures are a fun way to express your love of animals and interior design. Hang them alone for a clean minimalist feel or style them with pretty pottery and your favorite accessories for a layered look.

Interior design by Hammary featuring a trolley door cabinet


Forgo the typical dining storage. While we love a beautiful china cabinet there’s no rule that says you have to have one. Get outside the box a little with something like the Trolley Door cabinet. With rustic style and glass doors, it adds major character. Pair it with the optional Bar Trolley for maximum storage. 


Taking a risk in decorating your home doesn’t have to be scary and it doesn’t require any major commitments. Even one or two of these small changes can give you big results. Visit our EF Brannon Chattanooga design center to get started!


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