Five Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Hanging Mirror Wall Decor To Add Depth From EF Brannon Chattanooga

Decorating your walls can be done in so many ways. While artwork is often the first thing that comes to mind for wall decor, hanging mirrors can be just as effective if not even more interesting. With the right mirror, you can add texture, introduce new elements to a space and create a designer look. Here are five ways to decorate with mirrors and add some style and personality to any room in your home.

mirror wall decor over entry way cabinet


1. Go big.  An oversized mirror has the ability to create a stunning focal point. Hanging over a console in an entry or dining space, a large mirror in a unique frame has serious style power. Layer it over an accent wall for ultimate impact.

Fun round mirror wall decor for the living room by Kincaid


2. Stack mirrors for interest. This is a great way to take smaller mirrors and give them a bigger purpose. Stacking is also a great trick to implement when you need to vary the heights of the items in the space, as it draws the eye up and around the room. Round mirrors like these add some softness to a room with lots of angles.

Hanging mirror wall decor in the formal living room for extra depth


3. Hang a large wall mirror to open up a small space. Mirrors have this magical way of opening up a room and giving it the illusion of being more spacious by reflecting light. Hang a wall mirror in a narrow space or one that doesn’t receive a lot of natural light for an instant update.

Funky mirror wall decor by Uttermost for the dining room to add a chic look


4. Use mirrors to create a wall grid. Take a set of small mirrors in a cool and unusual shape and turn them into large scale artwork by taking them all the way to the ceiling. It has a designer vibe and it’s guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Fun circular mirror wall decor for above the mantel piece in the family room


5. Update a classic look. A mirror hanging over a mantel is always a classic look but you can easily give it a more modern feel. It’s all about how you style it! Make it fun by layering in some eclectic accessories and adding a touch of eye-catching color.

Do you have blank wall space in your home? Give it some personality and style with mirrors! We have so many options in our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom along with designers to help you style them.


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