Five Stylish Ways to Organize Your Home

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January is the perfect time to take a look at your home and decide if it’s really as organized as it should be. Organized homes always run more efficiently which in turn just makes life a little easier. Unfortunately, organizing isn’t nearly as much fun as decorating. But what if we told you there are many ways to organize with style? Here is a list of ways to organize your home and get you just as excited about organizing as decorating.



A bed with built-in drawers is an easy way to add more storage to your bedroom. Not only are there many storage footboard options but some even offer built-in drawers on both sides of the bed to maximize storage potential. It’s as if you have an extra piece of furniture in the bedroom but it uses zero additional space. Now, that’s efficiency.



If you want an organized home then you need a home office or at the very least a desk. A stylish desk that compliments the other pieces in your home will blend right in. Having some drawers and a dedicated spot for important papers will keep them from getting mindlessly tossed onto counters and randomly tucked away, where you may or may not remember them.


An entry piece is must, if space allows. Every home needs a spot where you can drop your keys, purse or bags when you walk in the door. A cabinet or table with some drawers or shelving will provide a place for those things. Plus, you can always have fun playing around with style and decorating this small space.



Media cabinets are a multi-purpose way to stay organized. No one wants to look at a tangled mess of cords. Keep your electronics organized while displaying favorite books and decorative pieces. Use closed shelving and drawers to store things you need but would rather not have to look at.


You can add an étagère to just about any space. Typically, the étagère is a piece that is going to be stylish in its own right. So it’s perfect for filling with decorative bins or baskets when you need to store small items that don’t really have a home. An easy fix for any space that needs decluttering.

Could your home use some organizing? Don’t put it off any longer! Visit our showroom where we have pieces for every room in your home that will help you get organized with style.


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