Easy Tips for Creating a Cozy Home

Decorating For a Cozy Home From EF Brannon Chattanooga

Creating a beautiful home isn’t just about how it looks but about how your home feels. Everyone wants their home to feel inviting and welcoming or to use a more popular term; cozy. You know a cozy home as soon as you walk in because it feels warm and homey and just begs for you to relax and get comfortable. If your home doesn’t have that cozy vibe then try these tips to get the look.

bed frame by Kincaid for a cozy home


Blend fabric and wood. Soften the look of a bedroom, and add a seriously cozy vibe, by mixing an upholstered bed like the Mia with wood nightstands. The addition of upholstered furniture in an area with several wood pieces instantly changes how the space feels by warming it up with a soft contrast in texture.

hallway rug by Loloi for a cozy home


Use rugs everywhere. Warm up your home, and your feet, with soft floor coverings. No space is too small for a pretty and soft accent rug. Hallways, entries, and laundry rooms can instantly be converted from a functional space to an extension of every cozy room in your home.

living room furniture by Kincaid for a cozy home look


Choose your sofa wisely. A sofa that you can sink into, like this one from the Comfort Select option by Kincaid, is sure to make your living room cozy and comfortable. Look for details like plush down cushions, deep seats, and consider an extended chaise for maximum comfort.

wood cabinet by Uttermost for a cozy home feel


Use warm wood tones. Grainy woods in soft, honey tones add warmth and texture. Don’t worry about “matching” pieces. This look is all about blending finishes. When you choose pieces that have variations in color, like the Lucas sideboard, it all flows together to add warmth to your home.

Large living room sofa by Kincaid for a cozy home feel


Layer everything. Pile pillows on sofas and drape throws over accent chairs. Add lamps to tables for different levels of lighting. Style surfaces with accessories that vary in size and texture and don’t forget to hang artwork throughout your home. Layering creates depth which results in a warm cozy vibe. 


If you want to create a cozy style in your home you can use this as a guide or meet with one of our EF Brannon Chattanooga designers. We have everything you need to create cozy spaces in every room.


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