Designer Bathroom Style: Get the Look

Bathroom Renovations For An Attractive Designer Look

Let’s talk bathrooms. We all know that a bathroom renovation starts with choosing the perfect tile, countertops, and faucets but it doesn’t end there if you want this space to have designer style. Because once the major work is done that’s where the real fun begins. A furniture store probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when taking on a bathroom remodel but it should be. Skip the big box stores and shop our showroom at EF Brannon Chattanooga to find everything you need to complete your bathroom remodel with distinctive style and a designer look. 

Decor pieces that give a bathroom renovation a designer look

vanity light / art / canisters / sconce / mirror / stool / shelf / rug

  • Add style with lighting. A unique light fixture is a must for designer style in the bathroom and we have options you won’t find everywhere else. 


  • Don’t skip artwork in the bathroom. Choose it as carefully as you would for your living room. Don’t be afraid to take a risk.


  • Choose multipurpose accessories. Glass canisters are a chic way to store things like cotton balls or bath bombs and have easy access to them. 


  • Supplement your lighting, and frame your mirror, with a pretty set of sconces. They’ll cast a beautiful glow throughout the space while adding a magazine-worthy look. 


  • Speaking of mirrors, skip the basic style and go with a sleek showstopper in an unusual shape. The right mirror and lighting combo will create a beautiful focal point.


  • One thing every designer bathroom has is little touches of luxury. For example, a garden stool next to the tub provides a stylish spot to place a drink while you have a relaxing soak.


  • Don’t downgrade your style with clutter. Hang a pretty wall shelf that will help you get organized. It will free up space on your counter and allow you to display your prettiest bottles of perfume and skincare products.


  • Add a vintage-inspired touch to your space with a rug. It will add character and create a cozy vibe in this room that can often have a cold feel. 


Don’t settle for average just because your bathroom is a space that only you will see. Make it amazing with some stylish additions for a truly coveted designer look. Shop our EF Brannon Chattanooga showroom for everything shown here and more. 


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