How To Add Character to Your Home

Decor Pieces To Bring Character Into Your Home From EF Brannon Chattanooga

One of the elements of a beautifully decorated home is character. Character gives a space charm and the sense of a life well lived. While it may sound a little abstract it’s actually really easy to see it when you know what to look for. Character is in the details. It’s in the grain of  wood, the patina of an aged metal, and the creases of a well worn leather. Here are some easy ways you can work these details into your own home with decor pieces from EF Brannon.

Decor pieces from Hammary showing wood side table.


Incorporate natural wood grain. Wood pieces with an obvious grain or in a raw or natural finish, have a life of their own. Partially left in its natural state the Square Root end table from Hammary is a fun piece next to a sofa or in a pair at the foot of the bed, proving that major character can come in small doses. 

Decor pieces from Loloi show casing area rug for the living room.


Try vintage inspired pieces. There’s no denying a vintage look adds another dimension to an interior. Don’t worry, you don’t have to scour antique shops for days to find the perfect vintage pieces. There are many ways you can use showroom new pieces to add this character inducing quality into your home and this rug from Loloi’s Heidi collection is the perfect example.

Decor pieces by Kincaid showcasing a modern sofa table.


Mix materials. Pieces that combine elements with contrasting textures make a space come alive. Break up the monotony of matching sets and introduce some serious character into your home with a piece of furniture like this one. The Modern Forge sofa table is a great addition to a living room, entry, or hallway that feels a little flat. 

Decor pieces by Kincaid showcasing a swivel rocking chair perfect for any room in the house.


Pair fabric with aged leather. Every home needs at least one piece of leather and even better if it has a worn quality. The character that this kind of leather chair can add to a space is unmatched. Try the modern grey Inclination swivel chair for a fun twist on a classic.

Decor pieces by Kincaid featuring an accent vase.


Use metals with a patina. The power of patina is so underrated. We often look to wood pieces for a weathered quality but metal can be just as beautiful and these vases from Uttermost are the evidence we need. Place them anywhere in your home to infuse it with character. 


It’s easy to add character to your home when you know what decor pieces to look for. Use this as a guide or stop by our Chattanooga showroom for custom decorating advice on choosing all the right pieces. 


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