Four Ways to Style Pillows

Chattanooga Furniture Accessories that Enhance the Style of Your Home

Pillows are an excellent way to add some fresh style to your home. As beautiful as your home is, sometimes you just need a change. The best thing about mixing it up with pillows is the instant gratification. But don’t just go out and buy new pillows without a little forethought. Consider the kind of change you want to make. Does the space need more color? More pattern? Here are four ways to style pillows to perk up any space.


If you’re feeling a little bored with the style of a space then try a new look with an eclectic mix of pillows. Not everything has to match all the time. In a space with a lot of symmetry this is a great way to shake up your style. Pull from the colors in the space but find inspiration in new textures, colors and patterns.


Add interest to a room by styling it with pillows in blended neutrals. Color isn’t always the answer. Layered neutral patterns can be just as exciting. Pair small prints with oversized patterns and use lots of contrast to make it pop.


Create order in a space by using two or three pairs of matching pillows. In a room that’s lacking direction or balance this adds a polished touch. If it feels too matchy-matchy you can always toss in a wild card pillow to add a more personal feel.


Bring small bursts of color into a space with by pairing solids and patterns in bold hues. Color can add amazing energy to a space and sometimes pillows serve the perfect dose. Pile them on or keep it to a minimum of four. How many pillows you use will depend on how much color you’re craving.

Updating a room with new pillows may seem like a simple solution but it’s often those small luxuries that make a big impact. Try a new way of styling pillows to update the spaces in your home that need a fresh look.


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