Stylish & Surprisingly Functional Accessories

Add Charm to Your Chattanooga Interiors

Accessorizing is one of those things that seems simple enough in theory, but when put into action can easily be overdone. Of course you want to fill your home with pretty things, but you don’t need all the things if you want an organized home. When you choose accessories that are also functional you can avoid clutter while simultaneously adding style to your spaces. Check out EF Brannon’s five ways to accessorize with pieces that will prove to be more than just pretty by helping you organize.

Add style and function to your Chattanooga interiors with useful pieces like this Uttermost decorative bowl.


Let’s start with a really obvious one. Decorative bowls are so useful. A pretty display of fruit is always fun for a kitchen, but there are so many other ways to use bowls! Use one in a bathroom to hold pretty soaps or try one on the coffee table and fill it with succulents to add an organic touch to your Chattanooga interiors.

Add interest to your Chattanooga interiors with decorative trays like this one from Uttermost. Pieces like these bring style and function to a space.


We love decorative trays! They’re pretty on their own, but even better when put to use. Keep one in the kitchen to serve drinks to your guests with ease, or place one on the bathroom counter to display your prettiest bottles of perfumes and products. Once you start placing trays around your home, you’ll find so many handy uses for them.

Add style and function to your Chattanooga interior with pieces like this Uttermost wine tray.


This one is for those who love to entertain. This wine tray is a fun way to display your wine selections for the evening when serving dinner or drinks. Place it in the center of the table for a fun centerpiece and allow guests to easily serve themselves. When not in use, its sculptural quality makes it a pretty addition to the sideboard. 

Decorative boxes, like these by Uttermost, also serve as a great way to add intrigue to your Chattanooga interiors.


Decorative boxes are another one of our favorites. These are especially useful in a home that lacks storage space. There are so many ways to use boxes to keep your home tidy and stylish. This set adds some chic color, and would be perfect for storing photographs, jewelry, or office supplies. They’re perfect for any space! 

Another way to add interest and function to your Chattanooga interiors is with pieces like this cachepot from Uttermost.


Finally, we saved this beautiful piece for last. This cachepot is practically begging for a flower as delicate and unique as an orchid, although it could be used for just about anything. The point is, this piece adds some french-inspired style to your Chattanooga interiors that will also serve as a useful accessory.


Don’t just add pretty pieces to your home when accessorizing. Be thoughtful about choosing pieces that can be useful, and help you get organized. Find all of this and more in our showroom, and as always, our team is here to help you choose the best pieces for your home.



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