From Festive to Functional: Three Ways to Organize after the Holidays

Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, your home may feel a little chaotic. When the parties are over and all that’s left is the mess, it may feel impossible to get your home back to normal. Don’t let your home overwhelm you! Get a head start on a great new year by taking your home from festive to functional with these three ways to organize after the holidays.

Organize after the holidays with the Monte cabinet.


1. Consider how your dining space functions. The holidays are a true test of how you use the spaces in your home. If your dining space wasn’t conducive to dinner parties this year, it may be your dining storage. Update your dining room with a cabinet or sideboard that has plenty of storage and also gives you easy access to what you need. The Monte cabinet makes use of vertical space by opening up the room and has both hidden and open storage, making it highly functional.

Organize after the holidays with the Farmstead credenza.


2. Reevaluate your guest spaces. If your guest room didn’t get any use during the holidays. then turn it into a space that works for you. Create a home office to get all your important documents organized and in a secure place. The Farmstead credenza has two roomy file drawers for all your storage needs and gives you a pretty place to pay bills or send emails. You could up the functionality of this room by adding a small sleeper sofa for those rare but unexpected overnight guests.

Organize after the holidays with the Biscayne sideboard.


3. Organize kids’ spaces. Playrooms and kids’ bedrooms quickly become chaotic and unorganized after Christmas. Get your home back in order with some stylish storage like the Biscayne sideboard. Toys and games can easily be hidden out of sight when not in use, and it’s stylish enough to be placed in your living room, hallway or anywhere you need to get organized.

Don’t let your home overwhelm you! Start the new year off right with an organized home that will create calm and function for you and your family. Find these pieces and so much more in our showroom.


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