Style Spotlight: Modern Casual

Casual Interior Styles For a Modern Design From EF Brannon Chattanooga

One of the most exciting things about interior design is the emergence of new styles. What’s even better than watching these styles take over is helping you bring them into your home. The latest style to take over interiors from Instagram to decorating magazines everywhere is what we refer to as modern casual. So let’s take a look at this fresh modern design style and why we believe it’s here to stay.

Modern design dining room table set

Fusion Designs

Let’s start with the obvious; this look is all about a casual vibe. A casual space is one that is inviting and makes people feel welcome. It’s a place where the sofa begs to be curled up on and the dining space is one that is actually used to feed the ones you love.

Modern design living room set for a casual look

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Modern casual style is one that always looks up to date. When we describe interiors as modern it can bring to mind images of contemporary elements such as chrome and hard lines. However, it really just means that the look is current and that it reflects today’s way of living. Like gathering with friends in your living room on furniture that’s comfortable and covered in stain resistant fabric.

Modern design formal living room set

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There’s no margin for clutter because modern casual style leans toward minimalism. It’s all about being thoughtful about every item you bring into your home. This means your home will always have a clean and well-edited style. Even if you’re not a minimalist, this is good news.

Best Home Furnishings chic living room set for a modern design

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Your home will always feel like a breath of fresh air. One common theme in modern casual interiors is a variety of layered natural materials. Raw wood finishes, neutral fabrics, and rugs made with organic fibers create a look that’s never fussy and always fresh.

Modern design bedroom set by Kincaid

Kincaid Furniture

Modern casual spaces blend style and comfort. Elements like cozy furniture, relaxed pillows and throws, and light airy wood tones come together to create a home with the comfort you want and the style you crave.


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