How to Create Moody Interiors

Interior Looks For An Edgier Home Design from EF Brannon Chattanooga

Moody interiors have been dominating the interior home design world in recent years. A slight departure from the popular light and airy look, this style takes an edgier approach to neutrals. It has depth, a slightly serious tone, and a super chic feel. Want to create this look in your home? Keep reading to find out how it’s done.

Living room sofa by Best Home Furnishings for a moody home design

Best Home Furnishings

Start with dark walls. An element often found in moody interiors is dark walls. From charcoal grey to deep navy this is the way to set the “mood” for this look. Whether it’s with paint, wallpaper, or even a herringbone accent wall, dark walls are the perfect place to start.

Glass side table by Uttermost to give off a moody home design.


Keep color to a minimum. If you want to stay true to the look avoid too much color. A few simple splashes of color are enough to add interest and personality. A pair of lamps or large scale artwork in saturated hues are an easy way to make this look your own.

Comfy sofa by Best Home Furnishings bringing a mood for this home design

Best Home Furnishings

Create contrast. A moody space needs highs and lows which means you have to create contrast. This is easily done with furniture. A white sofa, for example, set against a dark wall has a crisp and jaw-dropping look.

Dark grey console table by Uttermost adds the perfect touch for a moody home design.


Add organic elements. A moody room can quickly go wrong if not properly accessorized. Plants and flowers are an easy way to bring a fresh feel to the space. You should also try incorporating accent pieces with natural wood finishes to add an earthy look.

Dark green sofa by Best Home Furnishings pulling the moody home design together.

Best Home Furnishings

Add light. Without the right lighting, a moody space will miss the mark and just feel like a dark room. Even if your home has plenty of natural light you should still layer in lighting options. It’s as easy as strategically placed lamps or switching out flush mount lighting for a statement chandelier.


Does your home need an update? Give it a moody look! Be sure to incorporate all of these elements and if you need help you can get custom interior home design advice by scheduling an appointment with our EF Brannon Chattanooga design staff.


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