Five Ways to Hang & Style Artwork

Eye-Catching Home Decor From EF Brannon Chattanooga

Never underestimate the power of artwork and home decor. It adds the finishing touch in your home and has the power to elevate a space to the next level. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should simply hang a piece of artwork and call it a day. You should be thoughtful about the way to hang and style it if you want your home to have a designer look. Check out these tried-and-true tips for styling artwork like a pro in your Chattanooga home.


This wood style round dining table by Kincaid is a great place to add accent home decor.



1. Layer it. When you layer artwork it gives the room a more relaxed feel. It conveys that a space is casual; one where you are welcome to get comfortable. Even better? It gives you the ability to add smaller prints and easily change out your favorite pieces without the hassle of drilling the walls. 


This area rug is a perfect home decor piece that adds a pop of color and design to any living room.



2. Flank it. This is an easy go-to formula that works every time. It highlights the artwork and has a sophisticated look that will take your style up a notch. Even a simple piece of artwork can have dramatic flair when you frame it with pretty sconce lighting.


This entertainment console by Hammary adds the perfect touch for home decor in any room of the house.



3. Stack it. Stacking one over the other not only creates the look of a larger piece but it also adds height and draws the eye up and around the room. Use this tip when you have a pair of prints that are too small for the wall area you plan to hang them. 


This Kincaid sofa helps make the home decor pop and brings the living room pieces together.



4. Mix framing styles. The key is variety even if it’s only in the framing. Mix a canvas with framed and matted prints for an eclectic statement in your home. Gallery walls come in all shapes and sizes and even a simple one can have a designer look.


This console table by Kincaid holds wonderful home decor pieces that adds the extra touch.



5. Decorate it. It may sound odd to decorate your artwork but think of it more as styling. When you style your artwork it makes it personal and helps it come to life. Add something organic, stack decorative books or boxes in the space empty space below it and don’t be afraid to layer in a smaller piece of artwork or a framed photograph.



Don’t struggle with styling the artwork in your home. There’s no reason to when you use these easy home decor tips. Visit the design center in our showroom to find unique pieces and more tips on how to style them in your home. 




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