How to Add Function & Style with a Console

The console is such an incredible piece of furniture. It’s versatile, highly functional, and a great way to bring new styles into a space. When you add a console to your home you also have to add some decor to allow it to flow with your existing style. Let’s take a look at some unique consoles and some tips for how to add style and create a more functional home.

image of a console


Add symmetry to your space with the Kea console. Flank modern artwork with a set of lamps to create a striking style. Symmetry brings a sense of order and creates a pretty focal point.

image of a styled console


Create visual height with the Milo console. It fits easily into small spaces and serves as the perfect spot to display your favorite decor. Stack artwork on the wall above it and fill the surface with tall greenery or flowers to draw the eye up and around the room.

image of a black console


Create a functional entry with a mirror-topped console. It adds style and creates a more functional space. A mirror can create the illusion of a large space which can be beneficial in a small foyer. It can also bounce light for a pretty effect and provide a place to do a last-minute outfit check before you walk out the door.

image of wooden console


Add interest with the Nash console. This modern piece can serve as a display of beautiful objects and decor. Place your favorite pieces on the open shelving and casually lean inspiring artwork on top. It can add so much personality and unique style to your home.

image of stylish console


Use a console to fill a blank wall. The Reflect console has a mix of materials that will layer some unique textures into the room. Hang some pretty artwork that pulls from the colors in the space to create flow, then add lighting and decor. This is such an easy formula for turning a blank space into a stylish addition to your home. 

Does your home have an area that needs more function and style? Try a console to give it an instant update.  Shop our showroom for all these looks and so much more!


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