Four Alternatives to the Classic Coffee Table

There are a lot of reasons you might not go the traditional route when choosing a coffee table. Style is the most obvious one but you should also think about comfort and function. The good news is no matter how you want or need to use your living room there are so many alternatives to the classic coffee table. Here are some stylish alternatives that can take your living room to the next level.

bunching ottomans


Upholstered ottomans always add softness to a space. The Freya bunching ottomans will also add a modern style. The six-sided design has a fun angular shape and they can be custom-ordered in your favorite fabric. You can move these ottomans around to use a footstool or extra seating to make your living room even more functional.

a pair of stools


If you prefer a more symmetrical look then the Larson stools are the perfect choice. Square with straight legs and a nail head trim, these cute stools have classic style in a fun package. Top one of them with a tray to style with accessories or to create a landing spot for a drink.

nesting tables


These little powerhouse pieces add so much style and function to a living room. A mix of metal and wood add a high contrast of textures. Even better, they can be nestled together to save space when needed and pulled completely apart to create surface area for snacks on movie night.

a statement cocktail ottoman


There are upholstered cocktail ottomans and then there is the Maeve cocktail ottoman. This beautiful piece delivers when it comes to style it creates the perfect soft space to kick back and relax. It’s designed to enhance your sofa but it just might steal the show.

Level up your living room! If you have an outdated or basic coffee table then replace it with one of these stylish alternatives. It will give your space an instant refresh while allowing you to create a more functional home.


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