Five Interior Design Trends to Try in 2019

Chattanooga Interior Design Suggestions to Consider

A new year always brings with it the desire to make change. While you’re feeling motivated to set new goals why not use some of that inspiration to make some changes to your home. Be bold in the new year and incorporate some of the interior design trends that we think will be big this year. We’ve chosen five trends to inspire you to give your home a new look for the new year.



More natural wood finishes. Painted pieces certainly have their place but lately we’re seeing a return to more natural looks in stains and raw wood textures. These pieces have an organic quality and bring so much character to a space.


A more refined use of color. Keeping your color palette to a minimum is an easy way to update your home with a modern look. Try subdued jewel tones instead of overly bright colors and balance it with dark taupes, rich greys and bright whites.



More collected looks. Gone are the days of matching everything which means it’s easier to express yourself and create a custom look. When you mix styles it results in a look that’s collected over time as if your home has been carefully curated. Eclectic seating is taking over dining spaces and fun accent pieces are the new nightstands.



Blending styles. Sure, your home may be filled with modern pieces in shades of grey but that doesn’t mean you can’t blend in a rustic table or some industrial accents. You can easily add pieces in other styles that will blend with the existing ones, as long as they have design elements that you’re always drawn to.

Eastern Accents

Fearless pattern pairing. If you’re going to mix prints and patterns then be bold. Repetition in color will bring it all together. Keep walls light and neutral to avoid overwhelming the senses. And don’t be afraid to throw in a wild card pillow just to mix things up. A kidney pillow in an unexpected pattern or color can actually give a space a high-end designer look.

Make this the year you create the home you really want. Try one or all of these interior design trends to update your spaces. Visit our design center where our design staff can help you make all the right decisions for your home in the new year.


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