Five Elements of Modern Traditional Design

Modern Decor For A Fresh Traditional Look From EF Brannon Chattanooga

People often equate traditional style with being old fashioned or outdated but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When we describe an interior design as traditional, it simply means that it was created with elements of modern decor and design that could be considered formal or classic. Traditional style can definitely have a fresh and current look as long as you know what to pair it with. Here are five elements often found in today’s traditional interiors. 

Furniture pieces by Kincaid gives that modern decor design in the home.


1. Skirted upholstery. A sofa or chair with a skirt just has a more sophisticated feel. However, when you pair it with modern fabrics and fun accessories it still looks inviting. The last thing you want is to create a space where people are afraid to sit on the furniture. 

Modern decor dining table by Kincaid adds fresh look to traditional dining room.


2. Modern artwork. Even in a space with elaborate furniture, you can create a modern feel.  Large scale artwork, such as a black and white photograph, is unexpected and the crisp look creates a striking contrast.

Floral chair from Kincaid is a nice modern decor piece for the home.


3. Black and white accents. A bold floral fabric against white walls and a window framed in black has a modern designer look. When furniture is draped in color it pops against a blank or neutral canvas.

Dining chairs by Best Home Furnishings adds to the modern decor of the home.

Best Home Furnishings

4. Blended finishes. For most spaces using only one finish is the quickest way to give it a dated look.  However, when you blend wood finishes with painted elements it feels fresh and modern. Ornate lighting and intricate artwork incorporate the traditional elements that will add interest and create a nod to the past.

Velvet bedroom furniture by Eastern Accents has that traditional look of modern decor for your home.

Eastern Accents

5. Luxurious textures. A staple of traditional style is luxury in the form of fabrics. Velvet, faux fur, and satin come together to create a space you never want to leave. Balance all that opulence with chic accents and deep moody hues for an updated modern look.


Do you want to create a traditional look with modern decor in your home that has a fresh feel? Use this as a guide to be sure all of these elements have been incorporated and if you need a little help just visit our design center. 


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