How to Create a Cozy Home Office

Whether you work from home or not, a cozy home office is always beneficial. However, if you do most of your work from home, a home office is a must. A beautiful and organized home office can inspire you and lead to more productivity. Take advantage of the comfort of working from home by creating a cozy and stylish home office. Here are some tips to design your best workspace ever.

A selection of cozy home office furniture from EF Brannon.

desk / chair / wing chair / artwork / rug / chandelier

  • Start with the right desk. Go beyond function and choose a piece with style, storage and plenty of surface area. The Magic Keys desk is spacious and pairs warm oak grain with a white border for an earthy style.
  • Next, choose a comfortable desk chair with an interesting silhouette. The Aspect desk chair features all the comforts of a typical desk chair like rolling casters and adjustable seating. Even better, it has an angular design and designer fabric.
  • Extra seating is a must. Place a pair of chairs opposite the desk to add symmetry and be ready for impromptu meetings. The Collier wing chair brings all the style and comfort you need for a cozy workspace. It has high-end details that look amazing from every angle.
  • Hang inspiring artwork. Choose a piece that speaks to you and incorporates all the colors in the space. This landscape pulls in the blues and greens from the chairs and adds some moody greys and warm rusts for a cozy feel.
  • Layer in a plush rug for the ultimate comfort. The Bond rug has a soft texture and a subtle neutral pattern. It’s just enough to add interest to the space without competing with the other patterns.
  • Finally, bring it all together with great lighting. A statement chandelier like the Droplet will add the perfect finishing touch. It adds style, texture and a pretty touch of polished metal for a luxurious feel.

Don’t settle for a boring home office! Create a cozy space at home that flows seamlessly with your style and inspires creativity. We have so many cozy home office options and a design team that can walk you through every step of the process.


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