Small Changes with Big Impact

Shake Up Your Chattanooga Interiors with Minor Tweaks

Redecorating your home is a huge undertaking. Of course, when you’re ready to redecorate, you want to redo everything at the same time, right? But that isn’t always realistic. Maybe you’re working with a budget, or you have some other priorities to handle first. Well even if you can’t do it all at once, we’ve got some good news. There are plenty of small changes you can make in your home that will have a big impact, and help you create a whole new look.

One way to update your Chattanooga interiors is with fresh lighting.


Update your lighting. You will be amazed at the difference new lighting will make in your home. Choose a style that contrasts with the existing furniture for a fresh take. A modern chandelier paired with farmhouse furniture builds a fun eclectic look.

Something as simple as a new rug can instantly transform your Chattanooga interiors.


Replace outdated rugs. On trend styles can breathe new life into existing furniture and you just might fall in love with it all over again. Introduce some new colors into a neutral space to add some warmth or go with something plush and neutral to create more calm in a space with lots of saturated color.

Breathe new life into your Chattanooga interiors with a simple window treatment update.


Update your window treatments. If you currently have heavy or dramatic curtains, think about replacing them with a lighter, no-fuss option. This will instantly give your home a fresh and updated look. Simple linen panels have an airy look, and mesh with any style.

Another cost-effective way to freshen up your Chattanooga interiors is with brand new bedding.

Eastern Accents

Finally, there’s one more small thing you can do today that will always have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Declutter! Toss old throw pillows that may be stained or have broken zippers. Donate any accessories that just don’t work for you anymore and clear out cluttered corners and surfaces. When you have a clean slate it’s easier to see what really needs updating, and it will make the job easier when the time comes.

One sure shot way to elevate your Chattanooga interiors is to declutter!


We know how exciting it is to redecorate your entire home, but it can be just as much fun to make some small changes and reap the immediate benefits of a simple, quick fix. Stop by our design center to find some super stylish pieces sure to give your home a whole new look.


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