Four Ways a Bench Can Transform a Space

Functional Furniture For Your Chattanooga Home

It’s often those smaller, less thought about pieces that are the most useful, providing solutions while bringing style to your home. They’re just as important as the main pieces in your home, and often bring those pieces more value. Small pieces of functional furniture are the unsung heroes of the home, and one of those pieces is the bench. At EF Brannon, we believe the right bench has the power to transform a space. So we’ve rounded up some of our favorite styles along with four easy ways to use them in your Chattanooga home.

Add functional furniture to your bedroom with this Kincaid bench at the foot of the bed.


1. At the foot of the bed. A bench at the foot of the bed gives a bedroom a finished look and adds so much function. It’s a great place to toss extra throws or sit to put on or take off your shoes. The Taylor bench has the perfect combination of leather, wood, and metal to add some serious texture to your functional furniture choice.

Jazz up your dining room seating with this functional furniture piece by Uttermost.


2. In a dining space. A bench is an easy and stylish fix when you want to mix up the seating in your dining area. The contrasting heights between a bench and chairs adds interest and a bench has a more casual vibe, even in a formal dining space, like this one featuring the Ivena bench from Uttermost. This functional furniture piece is just as stylish as it is useful.

Use a bench like this one by Hammary for a functional furniture choice in your living space.


3. As a coffee table. In a long and narrow space a bench as a coffee table works like a charm. A bench is typically half the width of a standard coffee table which also makes it a smart choice in a space with opposing sofas. The Reclaimed Workbench has a rustic style that adds a natural, organic feel to your Chattanooga home.

Functional furniture pieces like this bench can also help to anchor artwork in your space.


4. As an anchor for artwork. A bench can magically turn a blank wall into a stylish statement in your home. Place a bench like the Laurel against an empty wall then hang a large piece of artwork above it and add a lamp for instant style. Even better? It can easily be pulled into your living room when you need extra seating

When you layer smaller pieces into your home that combine style and function, they can transform your space and create a unique look. Are you looking for the perfect bench for a space in your home? Check out our unique options by shopping our showroom or meeting with one of our designers for personalized decorating advice.


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