Easy Upgrades to Update Your Dining Space

Dining Furniture To Enhance Your Space For the Holidays

The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching and you’re probably thinking about your dining space and whether or not it’s ready for the festivities. If you’re hosting guests this year and your dining space is looking a little less than party ready, don’t worry!  There are several easy dining furniture upgrades you can make to have your home ready just in time for the holiday season so you can celebrate in style.

dining furniture table set by UttermostUttermost

Replace the chairs. If you have a matching dining set that needs a fresh look the quickest way to get it is with new chairs. Skip the wood, and the worry of matching finishes, and opt for fabric, leather or some other material that will contrast with the existing table and add some amazing texture.

Dining furniture storage by Kincaid


Update your storage to maximize functionality. For example, if you’re still using a traditional china cabinet, but not the fancy china, then replace it with a sideboard or server. Many servers have wine storage and plenty of drawers and shelving to store and organize necessary items. Plus, the surface area is the perfect place to set up a drink station or dessert bar.

Dining furniture artwork by Kincaid


Update your artwork. Especially if you’re making the change from a china cabinet to a sideboard. One or two large scale pieces of artwork are bold and chic and add height to a shorter piece of furniture. Add a lamp or some pottery for a pretty layered look.

dining furniture case by Kincaid


Create a wow factor with a modern chandelier. Great lighting changes everything and statement lighting will give your dining room a designer look. A beautiful chandelier has the power to take your dining space from pretty to conversation worthy. Your guests will be instantly impressed.

Dining furniture rug by Loloi


Replace an outdated rug. Nothing will keep your style in the past quite like an old, worn out rug. This is an easy upgrade that can completely change the look of a space without changing all the furniture. Even a dining space with carpet needs a rug to anchor the table, add a cozy feel, and layer in texture and interest. 


Host your guests in style this year! It’s not too late to update your dining furniture when you incorporate some of these easy upgrades.


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