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Tuesday, 13 June 2017 14:52

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Sofa

Shopping for a new sofa can be overwhelming. Of course you want to choose one that will be comfortable. But it has to look great too. There are so many choices to make. You have to consider fabrics, weigh style options and know that it's high quality. When you know what to look for the process is a lot less stressful. So before you start shopping read these five tips on how to choose the right sofa for your home so you can make a decision you'll be happy with for years to come.

Kincaid sofa


First, know your measurements. This simple bit of knowledge will keep you from making a mistake. Knowing the measurements of the room, as well as the space where you will place the sofa, will make it much easier to choose the right one. As a general rule, it shouldn't be so small that it gets lost in the space or so big that the room feels crowded.

Flexsteel reclining sofa


Next, consider how you use the space. It is a room where you spend time watching TV or is it a space for entertaining guests? Do you like to kick back with your feet up or is it a more formal space? Knowing the answers to these questions is important. For example, if this is a space for gathering to watch a football game you might be more inclined to choose a sofa with built in recliners.

Sunbrella fabric sofa


Now, think about who will be using the sofa. This is key when choosing a fabric. For example, if there are children or pets in the home you will need something that's low maintenance and easy to clean. Sunbrella and Revolution fabrics are both excellent choices. These heavy duty fabrics have many designer options. With these stylish performance fabrics you just can't go wrong.

sofas with style


You can't forget to consider style. If you're planning to keep other pieces in the room then you will need a sofa that works with those styles. Also think about what direction you want to the room to go. For example, if your goal is to update the space then stay away from traditional elements such as a skirt and opt for something with a more tailored look.

sofas with quality construction


Finally, look for a sofa with high quality construction. Often, what makes a sofa so valuable is what you can't see. When shopping for a sofa ask about the frame, the spring system and warranty. Steel springs and eight-way-hand-tied spring systems are always an indicator that the sofa is well made.

We know that choosing the right sofa for your home and your family is important and we always want to help you make the right decision. When you shop our showroom you can rely on our designers to help you find the one that will be a perfect fit.


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Monday, 21 September 2015 13:17

Five Living Room Layouts to Try

One of the biggest mistakes people make when arranging living room furniture is pushing everything up against the walls. People end up having to sit so far apart that it’s difficult to have conversations, and the room ends up looking like a dance hall. Well-placed furniture will create zones in the space and ensure that each zone is clearly defined. If you struggle with how to arrange your living room furniture then why not give one of these layouts a try:




A good place to start is by floating the sofa in the center of the room.  This is a great option for a long narrow living room since it will break the space into two areas. Just be sure to balance the room by adding the right pieces in unused space, depending on how you want the room to function.




Use two sofas opposite one another or two chairs opposite the sofa. This is a great look around a fireplace. It’s pretty and intimate, and lets the fireplace become the focal point of the room and the seating area.




Who says a living room has to have a sofa? A grouping of stylish chairs can be just as functional and as exciting. This works well in a square living room. Place a coffee table in the center that has enough surface area to handle some pretty accessories and can serve as a landing spot for drinks when entertaining.




If there is truly only one wall that will fit the sofa, then make it interesting. Use a pair of bookcases with some architectural interest on the wall behind the sofa. This gives it more of a designer look, especially when you style the shelves with unique pieces.




Often times, a sectional is the solution for a room with a tricky layout. Living rooms with many doors and windows can benefit from a sectional placed in the center of the room. This will define the space and center the area. Especially in an open floor plan, since it can feel like there is a vast space to fill.


Of course, every living room is different and comes with its own set of restrictions. Just remember: there should always be a focal point; keep walkways open and easy to navigate; and when in doubt, hire a professional. We are always here to help you.


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Monday, 10 August 2015 17:32

Sofas & Recliners: Blending Styles

Shopping for new living room furniture? If you’re thinking about trying something different, then look beyond the matching set and try blending pieces with different looks. It’s easy to mix and match sofas and recliners when you pair styles with characteristics that blend with one another. Let’s take a look at these pairings and why they work together so well.



sofa / recliner

This sofa and recliner pair work so well together because they both have a sleek and tailored design. Not only do these pieces have similar arms, but they also have similar legs. The mix of fabrics in various shades of black and grey pull it together and give it an edgy masculine vibe.



sofa / recliner

This pairing is casual and cozy. Notice that both pieces have rolled arms, which are a little softer and sometimes more comfortable than straight arms. The worn looking leather adds an inviting texture to the stark white sofa. This pair works together because both pieces have a casual comfortable vibe.



sofa / recliner

Another way to pair a recliner with a white sofa is to go for a punch of color. A recliner that looks like a club chair is a fun accent. These pieces share a similar style in the arms and boxy back cushions. They are united by the repeated use of color on the toss pillows.



sofa / recliner

Incorporate pieces that are designed with classic details and you just can’t go wrong.  A recliner in brown leather is the perfect accent to a sofa with a timeless look such as this one. Design details such as tufting and nailhead trim never go out of style. 



Tips for blending sofas and recliners.

  • Forget matching. Choose styles that are different, but have one or two similarities.
  • Consider scale. One shouldn’t tower over the other.
  • Pull it together with fabrics. Repeat colors in pillows and accents in the room.
  • Consider arm style, leg style, and era.
  • If you can’t commit to color, then go with a brown leather recliner. You can keep it for years and it will work with practically anything.

Are you ready to mix and match? Let’s get started! We can help you pull it all together. Get more design advice by making an appointment with one of our designers.



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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 08:23

Five Versatile Pieces for Your Home

Five Versatile Pieces for Your Home

Every home is different. You couldn’t create a design for one home and expect it to work in the one next door. But you could take some key pieces and make them work just about anywhere. That’s because design is often about the details. Investing in some key pieces that are classic and functional is always a smart move. Multi-purpose pieces with a timeless look can be a part of your home and family for years. These are some of our favorite versatile pieces and this is why they work.


Chattanooga furniture store


sofa/ chair/ bed/ chest/ console

1. The Luxury sofa by Flexsteel is so versatile because it’s a plush sofa with a very tailored look. This style could be used with antiques, in a beach house, or even a contemporary home. It has a look that lends itself to almost any style. It’s just a matter of choosing the right fabrics. If you’re the type that likes to change up your look often then this is the sofa for you.

2. This leather chair from Flexsteel is something you could use for years. A leather club chair goes with anything. Especially one with these classic details such as tufting and nailhead trim. It’s a perfect balance to a fabric sofa because it combines textures. Plus, you could move it from room to room without worrying about matching fabrics. Leather goes with everything and it gets better with time.

3. A sleigh bed will never look dated, especially when it has a modern edge. A platform footboard and sleek design give it a more current look. This style by Vaughan-Bassett is just one of many that are available from this company. This bed can be paired with antiques or more modern pieces. With this bed you could easily add and change pieces in your bedroom and it will almost always work.

4. Accent pieces, like this one from HGTV Home, can be used in literally any room. They also provide extra storage and a platform for artwork. This one in particular uses mixed materials so it can work with a variety of designs which is another reason it would be a great asset to your home.

5. This console table from Flexsteel is a hard-working and multi-purpose piece. It’s made of solid wood which makes it a great investment. It could function as a writing desk, a sofa table a foyer piece or even an island in a long narrow kitchen. It scores extra points thanks to the pair of ottomans that can serve as extra seating or footstools.

So the next time you’re shopping for furniture think about how it will function in your home and how many purposes it could serve. That accent piece or chair you’ve had your eye on may be more valuable than you think!



Tuesday, 30 June 2015 07:56

Decorating With Leather

Decorating With Leather


living room furniture Chattanooga


Belvedere Sofa by Flexsteel

Leather is great for so many reasons. For one thing, it’s durable.  With the right care a leather sofa will last for years. Another great thing about leather is that it’s classic. Leather sofas will never go out of style. Finally, it’s versatile. You can use a leather sofa and achieve so many different looks. The Belvedere sofa from Flexsteel is the perfect example of a transitional sofa that you would be able to decorate around for years.  We styled this sofa two ways to prove that you can have totally different looks with the same sofa.  




mirror/accent table/throws/cocktail table/trays/chair/rug

A leather sofa is a great starting point for a beautiful neutral space that’s layered with texture. Neutrals can be just as exciting as bold colors when you use the right pieces. A linen chair adds softness to the room. Metals, natural woods, and plush throws and pillows turn a living room with a leather sofa into a cozy retreat. This is an elegant space yet it’s still very inviting.




pillow/artwork/accent table/cocktail table/chair/vase/rug

The same leather sofa can exist in a colorful and modern space. A bright green chair adds a punch while edgy pillows, tables and artwork add a more contemporary feel. The vintage and faded look of the rug brings it all together. This space is sophisticated and chic.

To get the most out of your leather sofa just remember a couple of things. Be sure to buy genuine leather rather than synthetic. Genuine leather wears so much longer and only looks better with age. Also, be sure it’s a transitional style, which means it combines classic and modern details that will make it a versatile piece. When in doubt, visit our design center where we can help you choose the perfect leather sofa.



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Tuesday, 30 June 2015 06:55

Tips for Choosing a Sectional

Tips for Choosing a Sectional


A sectional is a great option in a living area for so many reasons. It provides a lot of seating, it creates definition of the space, and it can be customized to suit the space and layout of the room. There are however many factors to consider before you purchase a sectional. It isn’t complicated, it’s just a matter of understanding a few key factors about your space and how you’re going to use it. So before you go out and buy that new sectional, you should know how to answer these questions.


living room furniture Chattanooga


It’s always important to know the size of a space. In order to decide how big the sectional should be, you have to know how much room you’re working with. Know the length of each wall as well as the size of doorways and windows. Don’t forget architectural elements such as a staircase or fireplace. If you don’t have a wall long enough to accommodate a sectional then consider floating it out in the room. This will create “zones” and walkways in the space.


living room furniture Chattanooga


Sectionals work even in small spaces but there’s no reason to place a large, oversized sectional in a space that doesn’t need a lot of seating. A keeping room or a second living area that isn’t used as often might only require a small sectional and a chair or two.


living room furniture Chattanooga


Knowing how the space will function makes all the difference in knowing what type of sectional you should use. In a casual space such as a game room or movie room you can go with a more relaxed look. A reclining sectional complete with cup holders will give you a real movie theater experience even at home.


living room furniture Chattanooga


Think about how often you’ve made changes in your home in the last few years. Do you rearrange the furniture a lot? Add and remove items often? Sectionals aren’t quite as versatile as a sofa and a couple of chairs. However, if a sectional is something you’ve always wanted and it makes the space more functional, then you may not feel the need to keep making changes.


living room furniture Chattanooga


Choose a style that works with the overall look of your home. In a more modern home with clean lines and contemporary textures such as brushed nickel or stainless steel, choose something sleek and tailored like this one that has high legs and a little bit of curves. In a more casual space with a traditional look you could opt for something with a skirt or even with built in recliners.

Following these tips will help you choose a sectional that will work with your home and function well for you and your family. However, you never have to go it alone! All you have to do is visit our design center and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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